Anarchy Afterword Debuts: Watch The Sons Of Anarchy Season 6 Premiere After-Show

SPOILERS if you haven't seen last night's Season 6 premiere of Sons of Anarchy! Also, some of the language in the video below is NSFW.

Those who watched Sons of Anarchy's Season 6 premiere last night and then logged onto FX's website caught the first ever Sons after show Anarchy Afterword. This is one of three episodes planned for the FX biker drama this season. If you missed last night's post-show, FX has put it up online streaming for us to watch in its entirety. See what series creator Kurt Sutter and special guests had to say about last night's premiere.

If, for some reason, the above video starts playing in the middle (I had that issue when trying to watch it from FX's website), you should be able to force it to start from the beginning here.

The first ever episode of Anarchy Afterword features Kurt Sutter and host Chris Franjola, along with special guests Jimmy Smits (Nero) and Kim Coates (Tig), as well as celebrity fan, comedian Margaret Cho. One of the biggest topics of discussion during the webisode is the biggest talking point for the episode - the school shooting. Cho argues that it wasn't gratuitous, and that it's a topic that is something that people are afraid to talk about. Of course, the shooting wasn't only in the episode for shock value. There will surely be ramifications from this child's actions for the club, and that's something our own Nick Venable discusses here.

Beyond the school shooting that capped of the Season 6 premiere, Sutter and friends discuss a variety of topics, including why the characters don't use iPhones, what was going on with Jax when he decided to cheat on Tara with Collette, Tig's issues, and Sutter "taking one in the ass" for his series - in reference to his character Otto, who's not being treated so well in prison these days. He has an interesting story about the prosthetic in his mouth gagging him during that scene. In addition to interviews, the series cuts to a segment focusing on the costumes for the series. Costume designer Kelly Jones was on hand to talk about some of the clothes we see on the characters in the series. Not only was it an interesting segment, but it was also a plug for the FX store

Here's a look behind the scenes of Sons of Anarchy:

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