Sons Of Anarchy Post-Show Anarchy Afterword Gets The Greenlight At FX

Post-episode talk shows are becoming a thing, and for those of us who love Talking Dead and now Talking Bad, I'd say that's a good thing. Among the upcoming series to join the post-show craze is Sons of Anarchy. The FX biker drama returns next month, and this week it was announced that FX has greenlit Anarchy Afterword, a talk show that will stream online after the East Coast broadcast of the series, which is headed into Season 6.

If you're unfamiliar with a post-show, it's a talk show that airs after each episode and rehashes what went down in the episode. In the case of The Walking Dead's Talking Dead and Breaking Bad's Talking Bad, Chris Hardwick hosts and there are always special guests (celebrity fans and castmembers) who join him to talk about the show, answer fan questions and take a closer look at key scenes. It's a really fun bit of TV dessert to top off the episode, as it feeds right into our eagerness to immediately talk about the episode and ponder the events, as well as speculate what might be ahead. The format is applicable to just about any great TV drama, and Sons of Anarchy would be no exception there.

It looks like FX is going into this endeavor tentatively as THR reports that they've only three 30-minute installments for Anarchy Afterword, which is described as a post-episode talk show for Kurt Sutter's Sons of Anarchy. The first episode will stream live on FX's website after the East Coast broadcast of the 90-minute Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere, which is set to air September 10. The next episode will air after Episode 5 and the last will air after the season finale. FX plans to keep the episodes online after they stream live, so those who don't want to stay up or who are DVRing the series should be able to access them later on if they want to.

Set to host the series is Chelsea Lately's Chris Franjola, and Sons creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter is confirmed to join Franjola on the series. That part is key, as Sutter will hopefully have plenty of interesting insights about the episodes to share during the post-show. Celebrity super fans and cast members are also expected to appear on Anarchy Afterword, but no specific names were mentioned.

As mentioned, the post-show trend seems to be catching on. After the success of Talking Dead, AMC added Talking Bad for Breaking Bad fans. And back in June, there was talk about FX doing a post-show for American Horror Story: Coven. There's been no update or confirmation on that, but since AHS isn't expected to return until October, there's still time for that one to get a greenlight. FX may be waiting to see how Anarchy Afterword does. As a fan of Sons, I'll be excited to see what the post-show features, and hopeful that things work out for the AHS post-show, as that's another series that I could see benefiting from such a format.

Kelly West
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