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There have been reports Today host Ann Curry will be fired from her co-hosting position on the early morning talk show for several days now, and yet Curry herself has kept on trucking through the rumors, even showing up for work in the days following the news when no one—NBC included—expected the 55-year-old to appear. Some arguments are stating NBC should just bite the bullet and fire Curry, so she doesn’t keep having to go through the ordeal on Today pretending nothing is amiss. Others are fighting to keep their favorite journalist on the NBC show.

Sgt. Stephen Crowley is an Iraq War veteran who is a fan of the way Curry handles journalism related to veteran’s issues. According to THR, Crowley was looking into a piece by Curry online when he saw the news. Instead of simply being devastated, like a good chunk of Curry’s fans, Crowley sprang into action, hopping over to to create a petition geared towards NBC to keep Curry on the show.

The petition certainly comes across as a passionate way to relate what Curry means to many Today watchers.
“Ann Curry's sensitivity to the human experience telegraphs through her journalism, to me and many other fans and viewers. Her compassion and dedication to her audience radiates every time she stands in front of a camera. She connects with people.”

At the time of this writing, 14, 207 fans have signed, hoping to change NBC’s mind. Whatever NBC decides to do, the gesture is a nice reminder for Curry that there are plenty of people out there that do like and care about her journalism.

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