Apparently Kroll Show Is Ending, Get The Details

Hey, here’s a story you don’t hear every day. A fairly popular TV series is coming to an end by its own volition instead of being outright cancelled by the network. Comedy Central’s Kroll Show will be saying goodbye next year after its upcoming Season 3, and its creator and star Nick Kroll is the main guy pulling the plug. Tell us this is just one of Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland’s pranks!

Kroll, who is probably more recognizable as the non-costumed Ruxin on FX’s The League, recently spoke with Vulture about his surprising decision to end the show after only three seasons. And his reasoning is so very refreshing to hear.

Well, it was not the plan to do so, but as we started to get towards the end of the [third] season, it just became clear that we wrapped up a lot of the stories and characters that we had created, and felt like we had brought a number of them to their natural conclusion. So, as opposed to stringing out more seasons, we wanted to feel like we were going out with the best work that we’ve done. As I’m sure you’ve watched a lot of shows you’ve loved continue to make shows because they could and the quality began to dwindle.

There’s absolutely no denying the existence of shows that have lasted too long – examples to be found here – but rare is the American TV series that reaches a logical solution, rather than a financially viable one. That’s such a British thing. And I’m fairly certain no one who started watching Kroll Show when it premiered last year was thinking, “Boy, this looks like a series that will fit into a trilogy-style format.” But that’s how that creative mind works.

Kroll says they toyed around with the idea of ending the current wave of characters’ stories and starting a Season 4 with new personas, but it was eventually decided that too much conflict would arise from a reboot. Three and done was the best solution for them, but he also pointed out that they didn’t treat this as a last season, avoiding taking ridiculous strides to wrap everything up too perfectly.

Comedy Central unveiled a brand new character-filled trailer for Season 3, which you can check out below. Watch out for Seth Rogen and those bangs-ah.

Kroll Show will return to Comedy Central for its third and final season starting Tuesday, January 13. Will you guys miss it when it’s gone?

Nick Venable
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