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Apple Has Big TV Plans, Get Their Scheme Here

For almost as long as Apple has been in the personal gadget game, the company has been trying to find a foothold in television. Apple TV just hasn’t quite done it, and so they’re once more trying to bring their own pay-TV service to consumers, taking advantage of the growing cord-cutting trend making people think twice about how they want their media delivered. Just don’t call it the iSlingbox.

Apple execs are reportedly in talks with a variety of TV programmers to create deals that would allow Apple to put together their own programming bundles for all the customers who want less content than packages that cable and satellite services usually put together. As well, they’ll be able to distribute everything through their own interface and, should they choose to do so, ad system.

According to Re/Code, some of the programmers talking with Apple have been shown a demo of what the system would look like. That shouldn’t appear as a sign that the standalone device is anywhere close to being released, as these talks are reportedly in very early stages. In fact, some programmers haven’t even started discussions with Apple yet. So it’s not even worth speculating on what the price would be, or when it would be coming out. If it ever actually comes out.

While Apple TV allows users to watch streaming programming from other outlets, this would be the first time they would be able to charge for the content themselves. And they’re aiming to do it using linear lines comparable to cable and satellite providers, rather than trying to make it all web-based. They tried putting a subscription service out there back in 2009, but their ideas haven’t really solidified into anything noteworthy as of now.

One has to assume that an Apple standalone service will be the stepping stone to getting Apple to start producing its own high-quality scripted programming. The company certainly has the funds to adapt anything they want and find however many talented filmmakers they need to. If even PlayStation is making its own series, Apple seems like they’re behind the curve here.

Apple would be the latest in a growing line of companies eschewing cable and satellite for their own services. Right now, Dish Network has their limited programming Slingbox, and CBS has their own subscription service where customers can access a large chunk of their series from over the years. HBO is gearing up for their standalone system, which will finally put the network’s content out there for non-subscribers.Nickelodeon even has one coming, and there are certainly more that will be announced in later months.

Would you guys be interesting in paying for TV programming through Apple?

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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