Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Final Season Has Been Announced

Well, fast food-obsessed America, it looks like the greatest show ever centered on an edible trio will be coming to a close in 2015, as Adult Swim mainstay Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be forever bowing out with Season 11. Of all the shows ending this year, this is the one that really had the most Meatwad.

The news, which we’ll assume is legit until Adult Swim says otherwise, was announced at this weekend’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo by co-creator and voice actor Dave Willis. The new and final alternate series title will be the somewhat ironic Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, which will begin its 10-episode run this summer. Here’s how Willis humorously explained the reasoning behind ending the show.

I think there’s something to be said about bowing out with grace and dignity. And I just wasn’t ready to do that. But I was told I had to stop making it.

He then goes on to tell the audience to send raw hamburger meat to Adult Swim headquarters until they decide to renew the show for another season. All in good fun, of course. Probably. We’ll have to wait and see if any bumper messages ask people to stop mailing hamburger meat. Willis also noted that although they wanted to go with another movie to follow up the 2007 feature, which made the rumor rounds last year, the powers that be preferred another TV season instead. But maybe that’ll change at some point.

Willis then introduced a clip from the upcoming season, which involves Carl getting miniaturized to investigate a problem happening inside Frylock’s beehive, where almost all of the bees are voiced by Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani. You can watch it on Twitch, with the Aqua Teen conversation starting around the 4:08 mark. As well, there are segments about Too Many Cooks, Squidbillies, Your Pretty Face and a lot more.

Check out the promo for the final Aqua Teen season below.

Kicking off in 2001, Aqua Teen Hunger Force has put out 130 episodes so far, with its later seasons renamed things like Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 and Aqua Something You Know Whatever. You might recall the live-action Season 6 finale “Last Last One Forever and Ever,” which Willis & Co. actually thought was going to be the series finale.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever is set to debut on Adult Swim at some point in June.

Nick Venable
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