Arrested Expectations: Predictions, Ideas And Unlikely Theories For Arrested Development Season 4

"I'll be honest, I really feel like we all should just lower our expectations," Mitch Hurwitz joked, this week. "That would really be great for me." The series creator of Arrested Development is well aware of fans hopes for the new season. But he and star Jessica Walter both sounded optimistic about about Season 4 when they spoke to the press yesterday. With just a day between now and the arrival of the fourth season, we decided to have a little fun trying to come up with theories and predictions for what might happen to the Bluths in the fourth season, based largely on what we know of them from the series' original run.

Of course, there's no way to truly predict what will happen to the characters, beyond what we actually do know, and some of our ideas are probably pertty unlikely, but we had fun coming up with this wishlist of sorts, which theorizes what could happen to the Bluths. Feel free to add your own in the comments section if you think of any!


George Sr. goes somewhere where touching is frequently encouraged.

Tobias becomes a viral video sensation.

Michael falls in love. Until he discovers everyone in his family loves her and supports the relationship, and suddenly, he can’t stand to be around her.


Buster becomes a hero at Army. Through some unlikely mix-up, instead of a medal, he's awarded a pile of stuffed animals.

Gob founds a new Alliance of Magicians and is kicked out again.

The neighborhood surrounding the model home finally filled in... but just in time for the housing bubble to pop. So the Bluths are still the only ones in the neighborhood, but they’re surrounded by a bunch of complete, empty houses that are stripped of their copper wire and/or housing raccoons.

George Michael falls in love with a girl, and it’s revealed in the end that she is actually his real cousin.


Ann (Who?) has become even plainer. Or she’s a pop star. Or possibly an adult film star.

Lucille Austero gets dizzy doing her interpretation of a chicken.

Everyone in the family finds a different kind of bird to act like.



Tobias becomes a never-never-nude and just walks around naked.

Carl Weathers is now sponsored by In and Out Burger.

George is now building houses for Kim Jong-Un.

Michael gets a genuine banner. (Look at banner, Michael!)


Lucille Austero ends up being Gene Parmasan in disguise.

Lindsey gets pregnant, and no one knows who it’s for.

George Michael gets involved in a “Graduate” style romance with a teacher.

Maeby dates a guy named Dephanitely.


Lucille Austero cures her vertigo... but comes down with narcolepsy.

Another one of George Michael’s childhood videos that mimics a viral video. Double rainbow, maybe?

Buster’s cartography talents get utilized.


Gob cops to performing a mere “trick.”

George and Oscar find their long lost triplet.

More websites!

George has to become Larry Middleman’s surrogate.


Annyong’s older brother arrives. His name means "Goodbye," which is how he ends up in an intense romantic relationship with Kitty.

Bob Loblaw’s Pollywog Bog.

A nod to the late Steve Ryan with some posthumous J. Walter Weatherman advice.

An entire episode devoted to Motherboy.


Steve Holt has to change his name as part of the Witness Protection Program, but can’t get the hang of it.

Gob sees his parents having sex again.

An Italian version of the Cornballer.

Buster loses his other hand.


Arrested Development Season 4 arrives Sunday at 3:00 a.m. EST (12:00 a.m. PST) on Netflix. And be sure to catch the AD marathon airing on IFC this weekend.