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One of the more interesting tidbits to come from the Arrow/The Flash spinoff announcement is that the project will include three DC heroes appearing alongside Captain Cold, Dr. Martin Stein, The Atom and whoever Caity Lotz is playing. The only clue we’ve had pertaining to their identities is that they’ve never appeared on TV before (presumably they mean in live-action), but that still leaves many possibilities. However, now we have more specific information on these three mystery characters that should narrow down the contenders for possibly debuting in this DC TV universe.

TV Line has posted descriptions for all three characters, including their characteristics and tentative nicknames. First up is “The Traveler.” Described as a “Han Solo-esque rogue,” he comes from the future and has traveled back to the present day for a secret mission. Although he has plenty of charm and wit, this man holds bitter pain in his heart, and because of all his secrets, his allies won’t be able to tell whether he’s on their side or has allegiances elsewhere. Right away this sounds like it could be DC’s infamous time-traveling superhero Booster Gold, but he previously appeared in an episode of Smallville. Fortunately, DC has another adventuring time traveller named Rip Hunter who is actually Booster’s mentor in the comics, so he would fill this role nicely.


Second is the “Female Warrior,” a Latina in her twenties who is an attractive, socially awkward bookworm by day, but turns into a fierce warrior at night. The original article speculates that she could be an adaptation of Amazon warrior Fury, but the description sounds like it could fit for a version of Hawkgirl, most well-known as being one of the primary members in the Justice League animated series. True, she did appear in a small flashback cameo during Smallville, but that barely constituted anything major, so maybe she’s an exception to this rule and we’ll finally get to see the winged superheroine in live-action.


Finally, there is the “Mystery Hero,” a “street-smart” twenty something African-American male. This character will unexpectedly gain superpowers and will be the one throwing out quips during team battles. Right off the bat this sounds like it fits the profile for Static, who is well-known for throwing out Spider-Man-like retorts against the bad guys. However, because DC is planning on giving Static a digital series, it’s possible the show will substitute him with Black Lightning, another electrically charged superhero, and incorporate some of Static’s personality traits into him.


Little is known about this potential spinoff other than it is being created by executive producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim and is being worked on outside of the CW’s current pilot cycle. While it may be awhile until we get actual names to go along with these descriptions, it sounds like these characters will fit well alongside the existing lineup should the project move forward.

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