We’re just weeks away from the official premiere of NBC’s promising new drama series Awake. Fortunately, for those not averse to watch TV on their computers (and presumably, who are in the right region), NBC has been generous enough to put the pilot episode online. Watch it right here!

I have high hopes that this series is going to live up to the potential it shows in the pilot. Awake stars Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) as a detective who survives a bad car accident, but finds himself waking up in two different realities. In one, his wife died in the accident, but their son survived. In the other, his wife survived the accident, but their son died.

The cast is great (including Cherry Jones, BD Wong, Laura Allen, Steve Harris, Wilmer Valderrama), the story has definite potential, and as you’re about to see in the pilot below, Isaacs delivers a strong performance as the lead. Awake is intriguing, emotional and while the plot may prove to be tricky to navigate, with the lead character living two different lives (kind of), I have high hopes that this first episode is the start of something good.

Awake premieres (officially) on March 1st on NBC.

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