From there, we did the set tour, and here are a few photos from that, the first of which shows the aforementioned red theme that spreads throughout the first floor. We've seen Sally, Josh and Aidan's house transformed before, and as you'll see in the photos, that's the case here. Showrunner Anna Fricke wouldn't say why the living room, dining room and kitchen were re-decorated, only that it's in a different phase or time, maybe both. The design goal was recycled and vintage…

living room

dining room


We might assume we're looking at a "past" version of the house, but then there's this:


Mail tacked to the fridge to Aidan and Josh, both from the same Weston Falls, MA Customer Service address. No idea if the return address is relevant (and Aidan's mail is postmarked Los Angeles) but their mail being on the fridge on this set could be a hint that this is some alternate reality situation or maybe some kind of dream sequence, sort of like that time Sally envisioned herself alive and the house looked totally different. Maybe Josh is imagining having the perfect married life with Nora? People do occasionally tend to go back to 50s-TV when they envision happy home life, don't they? Just a guess, but if it means there's a chance we get to see greaser Aidan again, I'm in.

And then we went "upstairs," which isn't actually upstairs, but next-door on set. The decor for the upstairs didn't match the retro-red downstairs, so I'm assuming there are no upstairs scenes for whatever's happening with the red theme. We got to see Josh and Nora's bedroom, which includes a wedding photo over their bed.

Josh's room

And Aidan's old room, which Anna says Aidan doesn't like to go in because of what happened with Henry and the two girls.

Aidan's room

And of course, the bathroom...


There was also a "secret room" that Anna wouldn't tell us about, but included weird black scribblings on the wall and a vanity with beauty products on it. Sorry for the blurry photo but it was the only one I managed to get of the scribbles (part of which looks like a drawing of a house):



Check out even more photos from the set in the pages ahead. And keep an eye out for Part 2 of this feature, which will include the video of the cast panel, and some details and spoilers about what's ahead for Season 4! Here's a tease of cast shenanigans to come! Sam Witwer does an impressive duck-face:

Being Human cast

Click below for more photos! Or CLICK HERE for Part 2 of this feature, which includes the cast panel video!

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