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Ben And Jerry's 30 Rock Flavor Will Focus On Liz Lemon

It was a sad moment for fans of 30 Rock last night when NBC’s long-running comedy finally finished its run on the network. Luckily, unlike most programs that just settle into reruns, eventually even forgotten by the cable networks that don’t offer enough original programming, 30 Rock will get a shot at infamy with a new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s. Today we learned that flavor will simply be called “Liz Lemon.”

We’ve known for a few days that the new flavor will be released sometime this month; however, today the company unveiled new details about the product, as well as the “Liz Lemon” box art.

As you can see, “Liz Lemon” will be a healthy and yummy Greek Yogurt. Besides the obviously tart lemon flavors, the product will feature a blueberry lavender swirl, which sounds delicious, as well as offers an added sweet component to the frozen treat. The flavor was officially launched at a 30 Rock viewing party in New York City last night, and is expected to be rolled out in Ben and Jerry’s stores throughout February. Sometime soon after, the company will package the product and ship it to grocery stores and other outlets across the United States. Unfortunately “Liz Lemon” may not be quite as creamy and satisfying as other comedian’s flavors, including “Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack,” but clearly the company couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use such a flavorful last name as a starting point.

Jessica Rawden

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