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Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs Meryl Streep In Hysterical Golden Globes Joke

The Golden Globes are a little less serious than the Academy Awards. Their shows are looser, the awards are a little less competitive, and ultimately it looks like more of a fun time. As if anyone needed any further indication that the Golden Globes would be a fun night, Benedict Cumberbatch's playful side came out, providing a photo bomb that rivals last year's Oscar selfie. You can see it for yourself below, so prepare to laugh.

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During a gag that involved a mock North Korean film writer and Meryl Streep being photographed by Michael Keaton, a surprise guest in a white tuxedo jacket jumped into frame. Who else would be the one to throw their silly mug into camera frame than Benedict Cumberbatch, who earlier in the evening had a rather interesting flub with Jennifer Aniston. Just when the audience had thought they'd seen the last of the incredibly handsome actor with one of the mispronounced names, up he went in a flash to make history. Seriously, watch the event as it unfolds in the Vine clip below, and tell us he wasn't absolutely hysterical?

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Up for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, Cumberbatch is more known for his dramatic and kick ass fare in films like The Imitation Game and Star Trek Into Darkness. Yet his more lighthearted comedic angle pops up a lot in interviews and press events, which means that after tonight there is no choice but to hire Benedict Cumberbatch to host the Golden Globes next year. Sorry Amy and Tina, but the torch has been passed, and it's been accepted by the world's funniest consulting detective. That is, of course, if he doesn't win tonight's Best Actor trophy in the Dramatic category, thus kick starting his film career on the A-list/comic film set.

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