This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, so if you'd rather wait until tonight's episode to find out what's been going on in the house since the Veto ceremony, read no further!

You've been warned! I took a more pessimistic approach to the Veto results during my last update, because it seemed unlikely to me that the Moving Company would fracture this early in the competition. But I may have underestimated McCrae's loyalty to Amanda and/or how Jeremy's cockiness may be affecting the mindset of the people in his alliance. Last night's episode clued us into McCrae's irritation over being warned by Jeremy, and that may be making it easier for him to consider going against the MC. Earlier this week, when it was looking like Kaitlin could end up on the block, Jeremy went around and told everyone in the Moving Company that they better vote Elissa out or he was coming after them. In his mind, he's running this alliance, and he's also running the young-people alliance (Jeremy, Aaryn, Nick, Jesse, Kaitlin and GinaMarie). So he's been strutting around the house like he owns the place, and he seems just fine with that, whether or not people notice it.

Jeremy's lack of subtlety wasn't contained to the MC warnings. He reported back to the Aayrn alliance that he had everything taken care of, practically bragging, and most likely cluing them in that he has something going on with other players in the house. Jeremy seems so sure that he has everything under his control that he might not care if people suspect he's working with multiple alliances. Regardless, if Moving Company votes together, Elissa is going home. With Jeremy, Spencer, McCrae and Howard added to Kaitlin and Gina Marie, that's enough votes to get Elissa out. But Moving Company may not be voting together…

A key part of Elissa staying could come from Jessie's last-minute decision to cross over into the Keep-Elissa alliance. Jessie's been kind of the odd-man out among Aaryn's group, and she seems aware of that. If ever one of the people in Aaryn's alliance were to break away from the pack, it probably would have been Jessie, and the keep-Elissa people (consisting of but not limited to Helen, Judd and Amanda) honed in on that, ensuring her safety in exchange for her support to keep Elissa. And - unlike Jeremy, who took the threatening approach - Helen was actually really nice in the way she put the offer to Jessie, basically saying "if you vote Nick out, you're safe with us. If you don't, no hard feelings." A little kindness may have gone a long way here as Jessie seems on board to vote to evict Nick. It also may be very relevant to point out that she seems to have taken a liking to Judd, who's on team Keep-Elissa. Joined by Andy, Judd, Amanda, Candice and presumably McCrae, Jessie's vote ensures Elissa (and Helen technically) the votes to stay, as Nick would be sent packing.


But all of this hinges on what McCrae will do. He's been supportive of keeping Elissa and sending Nick packing in conversations with Amanda and other Keep-Elissa people. But the Moving Company is voting Elissa out and McCrae's supposed to be a part of that. So McCrae's loyalty may be tested big time tonight when he casts his vote. Assuming the plan doesn't go south before the live show - and it would only take one other person to falter - McCrae will be the deciding factor in Elissa's fate, and whatever choice he makes will affect his place among his alliance. It's no secret that he's close with Amanda, nor will it be very hard for people to figure out who voted how. Thinking ahead, McCrae would probably have a slightly easier time lying about his vote to the keep-Elissa people than he would to Moving Company. If he votes to save Elissa and Elissa stays, there's a good chance MC will figure out that he strayed. But maybe the smarter move is to abandon that alliance and side with the numbers and MVP.

So, it looks like McCrae might actually be planning to vote out Nick, going against Moving Company but we can't know for sure because we don't know what he's really thinking. If he does and everyone else who says they're voting Nick out actually follows through, Nick will go home tonight. But this plan seems to be hanging by a thread, so we really don't know. On the bright side, this is a bit more exciting than it would have been if Elissa was guaranteed to be sent packing, and given how things were looking earlier this week, that could have been the case.

I do want to see who would get MVP if/when Elissa leaves. I want Elissa to stay, but she's never been my pick for MVP as she has yet to win me over as a great player, deserving of that reward two weeks in a row. But Jeremy's arrogant approach to the game and Aaryn's abysmal comments, some of which were exposed on Sunday night's episode, make it difficult to support them or their alliance, even in a "love to hate" way.

In other news, the houseguests were on lockdown last night and then very late at night, the lockdown ended and they were allowed outside. We didn't get to see much of what was out there, but when the feeds came back on, the houseguests were whispering and trying to remember things and add things up, so it seems likely it has something to do with tonight's Head of Household competition.

Here's a quick glimpse of what we did get to see of the backyard. Is that an airport checkin desk?

HoH set-up

UPDATE - Things are looking good for Elissa. Granted, nothing is EVER certain until the votes are cast, but earlier Spencer was trying to convince Howard to go against Jeremy and Nick by voting Nick out. They spoke with McCrae about it and he said he's in for the plan but he's still going to vote for Elissa to go in case they're setting him up, and then he'll know if he can trust them if Elissa stays. Now, this could just be McCrae covering himself so that he doesn't look like a traitor to the MC in case Spencer or Howard decide to report back to Jeremy and/or Nick. We'll find out tonight. But even if McCrae does vote to evict Elissa, if Spencer and Howard vote to evict Nick, and Candice, Jesse, Andy and Judd also follow through with evicting Nick, Nick will go. All of the houseguests seem on edge about this, which is why I think there's a chance one or more people could chicken out. But here's hoping for another blindside!

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