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It's a big week for Big Brother, with the finale coming up and just four houseguests remaining. Last night's episode revealed which of the the final five was sent out the door and who won Head of Household, securing themselves a spot in the final three. This article contains live feed spoilers, including who won the Veto competition. If you'd rather wait until tonight to hear about that, read no further!

Last night's episode of Big Brother showed Judd going out the door and Andy winning the Before/After HoH competition. As Head of Household, Andy was guaranteed a spot in the Final 3. But it's the Veto winner that holds the most power this week, as they determine who's on the block for tonight's eviction. Well, Andy won that honor too. It looks like he originally nominated McCrae and Spencer, leaving GinaMarie as the sole person to decide who goes home, but Andy may choose to use the Veto tonight to switch things up.

If the houseguests go the predictable route, whether or not Andy uses the Veto, McCrae will go home, unless somehow Andy decides to save McCrae by using it on him. And if he's planning on doing that, he hasn't told anyone yet, so it seems unlikely. I can't imagine why he'd turn his back on the alliance now. If McCrae was a second place candidate, maybe Andy would try to bring him to the end, but betraying the Exterminators would only hurt his game, and since he probably stands a better chance of winning against Spencer or GM, there's really no reason that I can think of that he'd save McCrae. So we might assume that if Andy uses the Veto tonight, it will be to save Spencer, who will presumably send McCrae out. The only way I could see Spencer saving McCrae and booting GM is if he wasn't sure there was at least a chance GinaMarie would take him to the final two. If it's GinaMarie off the block and voting, she'll send McCrae out. She's played a loyal game so far, and she doesn't stand to gain anything by keeping McCrae.

So, unfortunately, I'm not expecting any surprises tonight. I got my hopes up that we might see something unpredictable during last night's episode, but everything went as predictably as it could have. No tie. No blindside. Boring. For a bit of contrast, at this stage of the game last season, Dan was plotting to convince Danielle to use the Veto to take him off the block and put her showmance Shane up. From Danielle's perspective, the plan was for Dan to vote to get rid of Ian, but Dan was actually scheming to cut Shane loose, ensuring Danielle's unconditional loyalty, which he did, right to the end. It got him to the Final 2, but Dan's efforts went unappreciated by the jury and Ian won. Still, Shane's exit was one of the biggest blindsides in the show's history.

But we haven't had that kind of season this summer. Near the beginning, we saw some blindsides, but the houseguests seemed intent to follow the herd each week, hoping they wouldn't be the one to get picked off, which hasn't made for the most exciting season. Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy plan on telling McCrae about the Exterminators today, which indicate that he'll go. Of course, McCrae could figure out a way to turn it around for himself, but the realist in me isn't getting my hopes up.

UPDATE - GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy just sat McCrae down and told him about the Exterminators and basically let him know he's going home. They're filling him in on pretty much everything, including that it was Andy who voted to evict Amanda, and not Elissa. So far, McCrae's taking it with a smile, saying "I knew it." He's also saying "Fuck." a lot, which I don't think will make it to tonight's episode. Who knows if he'll melt down or try to make a deal with someone, but as of right now, he seems to be processing the revelation that he's probably being evicted tonight.


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