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First female eviction of the season! That's no spoiler, but if you haven't seen tonight's episode of Big Brother yet, consider yourselves spoiler warned! With three ladies on the block this week, it was guaranteed that a woman would be sent packing, and she'd be the first of the season. While some weeks have been more predictable than others, so far, one side of the house has remained in power every week, regardless of who is Head of Household, and that side of the house is the one that's kept the MVP on their side. Say what you want about that twist, but some houseguests were smart enough to figure out a way to use it to their advantage, and it's worked. Of course, the previously recurring MVP has proven to be something of a loose canon, which could mean a change in strategy is required.

The bulk of the filler for tonight's episode focused on the decision to evict Kaitlin, which stemmed from Judd revealing that Kaitlin was in an alliance with Spencer and Howard. Judd took a chance in sharing that info, deciding to side with Helen's group rather than the newly formed Grasshoppers. And considering Helen's group has won every week so far, that might not have been the worst decision on his part. It seemed like Elissa was willing to go along with the plan to boot Kaitlin, and then she decided to pull Kaitlin aside and tell her what was going on.

I don't fault Elissa for wanting Aaryn out, but she went about it all wrong. I would be somewhat supportive of Elissa's move if I thought she was doing it just to cause problems. There's something to be said for the houseguest who decides to stir stuff up just for the sake of it, or use that as strategy to defer the target away from themselves or another player. If we saw her gloating in the diary room over all the drama she caused, I might actually start to appreciate Elissa's eratic game play. But I get the impression her only motivation was trying to get Aaryn out because she doesn't like her, and she attempted to do that with a sloppy approach that blew up in her face and wasn't effective at all. So I don't see much strategy in her choices and I can't get behind that, especially as it cost her major trust points with her alliance. She might have earned at least some of those back by voting to evict Kaitlin. Then again, even Howard and Spencer voted to evict Kaitlin, which suggests everyone knew this was coming.

So Kaitlin was evicted by the first unanimous vote of the season. Julie didn't go easy on Kaitlin when she sat down to be interviewed. She pointed out that the trio (Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie) was being referred to as the "mean girls" and also pointed out that Kaitlin was involved in the heated exchange the night Aaryn tossed Candice's bed. Julie didn't let Kaitlin off the hook for being a bystander and occasionally being a bit more actively involved in some of the Aaryn-led drama. But Julie did it the way Julie does it, with a soft tone and just a twinge of judgment that tips the houseguest off that there's more where that came from when they face the interviews. Aaryn's interview with Julie aught to be interesting. But I've said that already. And it won't be happening next week because she won HoH tonight.

Tonight's Head of Household competition was literally a crap shoot. The houseguests threw balls and tried to land them in a slot. Aaryn got the highest score possible and no one could tie or beat her, which means she's HoH! Will she keep the deal she made with Helen? At this point, I can't even say if it's in her best interest to do so. On one hand, if she targets whoever Helen wants, she'd be securing some trust with Helen, but what's that really worth? She might be better off nominating two people from Helen's alliance, and hoping to cause some fractures within that group, especially if the MVP nominee is another person from that alliance. America gets to choose the third nominee again. Who will it be? We'll have to wait and see! Keep an eye out for our next live feed recap!

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