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Big Brother returns tonight! If you're a fan, you already know that, but let's take a moment and celebrate that as we obsess over everything we don't know (and a few things we do) about this season. Like the twist! The cast full of (relative) unknowns! Urban treehouse! Will Big Brother 16 be a return to greatness for the series? Is this the next great cast? The best season yet? These are things we just don't know yet, and there's honestly no predicting it. I mean, sure, we can look at the video below of the cast singing a fun summer-ish song to kick off the new season, but what does it really tell us about what's ahead?

Enjoy it while it lasts, Big Brother fans, as you probably won't be hearing these houseguests sing for much longer. Singing is typically prohibited in the Big Brother house, so this "Letter from Camp" is a rare exception, and a goofy one than that. Of everybody, I think newcomer Frankie Grande wins the prize for best voice. No surprise there, considering his sister is pop star Ariana Grande. Will he reveal that information to his fellow houseguests? He might be better off keeping it a secret for a little while.

Back to what we were saying earlier, there's just no predicting whether or not this season will hit it out of the park. That's the thing about Big Brother. They can throw as many twists and turns as they want into the game to keep it fresh, but it'll all come down to the cast. Are they interesting, funny and competitive? Or are we in for a season of the wrong kind of drama? There's no way to know. But that's all part of the anticipation. How will this season's cast gel? Will whatever game twists being introduced improve/refresh the game? Or will it be too drastic a shift to work?

Fans have been theorizing about the twists since CBS announced them. First, we have two heads of Households each week. That comes with special privileges, including separate suite inside the house. And each Head of Household will nominate two fellow houseguests for eviction every week. But "for the first time on the series, earning HoH will not guarantee one's safety in the game for the week." What does that mean? Will only one HoH be the "true" HoH by eviction night? That brings us to the next twist:

Team America will be involved in the game somehow. CBS says Team America will "significantly influence the game from home." Is it safe to assume that viewers will vote on things beyond what Have-Nots will eat or which houseguest and other daily-life things? Will America have a say in who the "true" HoH is, assuming it's narrowed down to one? And how does the next twist tie into this?

Big Brother is introducing a completely new competition called Battle of the Block, which we might assume involves the nominees, considering the "block" is likely a reference to the chopping block, or the figurative place nominees exist while they await eviction night. If that's the case, how does this affect the Veto... or is there no Veto? Do the four nominees battle it out in some new competition to determine which two will stick? Maybe then after that there's a Veto?

We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, tonight starts the first part of the planned two-part season premiere -- Wednesday, June 25 (8:00-9:00PM, ET/PT) and Thursday, June 26 (9:01 – 10:00 PM, ET/PT).

CBS has Jeff Schroeder set to host a live kickoff show tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT). More info on that here. And Jeff will also be live-tweeting the first 16 hours of the live feeds, which won't begin until after Thursday night's episode.


And on the unofficial side, former Big Brother winner and runner-up Dan Gheesling is doing his own live Tweet tonight...

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