Who's probably going to get evicted this week? Live feed viewers should have a pretty good idea, and while I'd normally throw in some shred of hope or repeat the overly used "expect the unexpected" motto, it really seems like a done deal. Who will go in the second eviction on Thursday night is a lot less certain, but there's some interesting things to speculate.

Live Feed Spoilers ahead!

As we reported previously, Christine won the Veto, used it and Caleb put Victoria up in her place. Nicole and Victoria are now on the block and one of them will be evicted on Thursday.

If you're hoping we have some exciting twist to report or an anticipated flip of the house that will keep Nicole safe, you're going to be disappointed. Even Nicole seems to know that there's very little chance anyone will keep her in the house and send Victoria out. While she might be of some value to one or two houseguests if she assures them she wouldn't put them up if she won Head of Household, her comp wins of late aren't good enough for that to be much of a sell. And her comp wins over the course of the game are just good enough to make her seem like a noticeably bigger threat than Victoria, so she can't even play non-threatening.

So Nicole's probably leaving. And I would kind of love it if Victoria won Thursday's Head of Household and/or Veto just to throw off every scenario these guys have run in anticipation of the double eviction. No one is even remotely worried that Victoria could win a competition. They wouldn't be prepared at all for what she might do if she did. At this point, I want her to win, just so we can watch the houseguests scramble.

As for who will likely go in the second eviction on Thursday, obviously, this will be determined by whoever wins Head of Household. When the guys get together to talk about who will go up, Christine is the recurring target. But these guys tend to talk about this together, obviously without Christine in the room. It's entirely possible they're all saying that Christine and Victoria will go on the block if any of them win Head of Household because they're all trying to assure one another that they aren't going to target each other yet. But it's entirely possible that Caleb's fear that Frankie would put him and Cody on the block together if he wins HoH are true. It's entirely possible Cody will take a shot at Caleb if he wins it. Or put Frankie and Christine up. And there's no telling what Derrick would do other than to suggest that I think Derrick would throw the next Head of Household competition as hard as he could (discreetly) in an effort to keep his hands blood-free and make himself available for the next competition.

Lately, Derrick has also been playing it up like he really wants to win another competition because he's been slacking. I honestly think he's trying to play the weaker-guy card, by "complaining" about how badly he's performed in competitions, knowing it makes him look like less of a threat. So he seems the most likely to throw the next HoH, because why win when losing makes him safer? If he can pull it off, I expect him to make a comp run starting next week that'll take him and Victoria to the end.

I think Frankie's end-game involves hiding behind Caleb and relying on him to win the physical competitions to get him closer to the end, in which case, if he won on Thursday and decided to make a move, I think Frankie would put Derrick and Cody up against one another. Or Cody and Christine, but I don't know that Frankie would think it would benefit him to take a swipe at Christine if he wasn't trying to get her out. Plus, he could argue that Derrick's never been on the block.

Not sure what Cody would do if he won Head of Household on Thursday. Derrick would likely have a heavy influence with that, and he might decide to push to get Caleb out, knowing he's the only one Cody would really have to worry about in a physical competition. Caleb's refusal to backdoor Frankie should be a sign to Cody and Derrick that he might never go against Frankie, in which case he's of no use to them in their personal games. I can't imagine why either of them would want Caleb anywhere near the end of this game.

There's occasionally talk about sending Victoria out, but I think they all know that it makes no sense to send Victoria out before Christine. And then once Christine is gone, they'll all know that it makes no sense for Victoria to go before _____. It's the unspoken strategy they've been operating with all season. "We'll send Victoria out next week" is the recurring plan. And each of them is probably just hoping they aren't the one who's on the outside of that plan the next time.

I'm disappointed for Nicole. But as much as I like her, I feel like she's been a step behind all season. She seems like she has a really good read on the house and the game. She sees what's going on. She just wasn't able to put it all together in a way that translated to game moves. Of course, there were other factors, including other houseguests sabotaging her credibility for their own gain. And obviously the pack mentality of this season, added to the fact that no one seems to want to stray from the group aside from Derrick, who's secured such a tight bond with Victoria that she's actually breaking down at the thought that he might be evicted before she is, and she'd be stuck in the house without him.

Nicole's impending second eviction isn't entirely the house's fault, nor is it entirely her fault. I just wish she would've gained some footing, either by winning a Head of Household or else, figuring out a way to fix herself to someone else's game. But no one wants her. And I expect at least a couple houseguests are going to regret targeting her this week and not anyone else in their alliance, once the remaining dominoes fall and only two people are left standing, one of whom might be Victoria. That would be kind of amazing.

We'll surely have more to say about what's happening in the Big Brother house, but I'm not sure there will be anything super exciting game-wise until Thursday night. In the meantime, be sure to check out the adjusted episode schedule for what's left of the season. Read all about that here.

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