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Spoilers ahead from the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds, including:
Who won Head of Household?
Who did they nominate?
Who won the Veto?
Will it be used?

None of the above has been revealed in the episodes yet, so read on at your own risk!
Head of Household
Won the Veto

Will it be used?
As of right now, it doesn't look like it, but this is far from certain, as it sounds like more discussions will be had about that today. Veto ceremony is expected to take place on Monday.

Following up on Liz's reign as Head of Household, the crown was passed to her showmance Austin, who beat out James in the last heat of the sprinting Head of Household competition. We didn't get to see much of the competition. For some reason -- possibly due to producers feeding houseguests instructions? Who knows. -- we only got to see brief glimpses of it between each heat. I think the order of elimination was Meg, Julia, Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve and then James, with Austin as the winner. It sounds like it was a scramble for the win too, so despite the Brass Tacks alliance, which counts both Austin and James as members, both men really wanted to win this competition.

Austin and the twins were in kind of a situation this week, as they spent last week firmly securing themselves with everyone in the house. So much so that they have no nomination options that wouldn't go against an alliance agreement. Beyond Brass Tacks (Austin, Julia, Liz, Meg and James -- with Vanessa thinking she's the sixth member), Austwins also have the recent alliance with Johnny Mac and Steve, and their connection with Vanessa, which has been drastically weakened over the last couple of weeks, due in large part to Vanessa's constant gaming, and Austin's worry that she's controlling his game.

So, who does Austin target this week? He was all over the place on that between Thursday and Friday. It literally came down to the last minute for nominations. Steve put his foot down that he would only be willing to go up as a pawn if "none of the five" (Austin, Julia, Liz and Johnny Mac) are up with him. Obviously Austin's not putting up the twins, so that leaves Johnny Mac as the person Steve is adamantly opposed to being nominated next to. Steve seemed to be in support of Vanessa being up next to him, even if it means he was the target.

Steve took a chance in exposing his connection with Johnny Mac by saying he didn't want to be on the block next to him. And Austin was prepared to honor the request. Vanessa's always been a potential target for him anyway, so maybe this is the week to get her out. Plus, if she goes, there isn't a person in the house who would be mad about it. Liz was reluctant to agree at first, but then got on board with the plan. Then Austin had Julia bring Vanessa upstairs so they could tell her she was going to be nominated. That's when Vanessa did what Vanessa does. She talked and talked and got Austin to realize it was a bad idea. Austin and Vanessa spoke privately some more, got some of their unaired issues out in the open, and then the feeds cut. When they came back, Johnny Mac and Steve were on the block.

Love Vanessa or loathe her, you have to admit, she can talk. But I don't want to give her all of the credit for avoiding the block this week. Austin could have chosen not to tell her. He had to know there was a very good chance she was going to try to convince him not to nominate her. And I'm willing to bet at least some part of him wanted her to talk him out of what he was about to do.

Going by the numbers, nominating Vanessa probably wouldn't have been the best choice. Yes, it would've kept Austin in good standing with the rest of the house. But that's only because Vanessa's three closest allies are Austwins. No one else stands to lose anything with her leaving... well, except a target.

The fact that everyone was so eager to get Vanessa out should've been a red flag to Austin. None of them need Vanessa. None of them are working with her. And she's played a part in getting out quite a few of their allies. Austin and the twins have remained safe through all of this. Losing Vanessa is losing a number for themselves, the same week the rest of the house could be gaining a number when someone else comes back in. Austwins could conceivably take Vanessa to the Final 4 if they wanted to and still stand a better than average chance at getting her out before Final 2.

Before the Veto competition, Austin continued to talk about the possibility of backdooring Vanessa with the Veto around other houseguests, but it didn't seem like he had any serious intention of doing that after his conversation with Vanessa.

And now Vanessa has the Veto. The competition took place last night. It sounds like it was the face-morph competition, and also the annual appearance of the Zingbot. I haven't heard much about what the zings were, but we have that to look forward to on Wednesday's episode of Big Brother.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was wondering why Meg was crying after the competition. It seems to have gotten her obsessing over the idea that she (Vanessa) was supposed to be the backdoor target, and Meg was upset because Vanessa's Veto win means that's not an option. I do believe Meg, James, Johnny Mac and/or Steve would have pushed for Vanessa to be backdoored if someone else had the Veto, but I have no idea if that's why Meg was crying after the competition.

When discussing Meg's tears with Austin, Vanessa eventually came up with the idea that James, Meg, Johnny Mac and Steve are all working together and trying to get Vanessa out so that they can team up against Austwins going forward. I don't think that's actually a thing as I haven't seen any game-conversations between Meg, James, J-Mac and Steve together, though it's possible it's on people's minds. Regardless, Vanessa ran hard with that theory and got Austwins considering it. I think they take a lot of what Vanessa says with a grain of salt, especially in this case where she's clearly just theorizing, but I also get the sense Austin and the twins are ok having Vanessa on their side right now.


As for the Veto, it's not confirmed whether or not it'll be used. It's not even confirmed who should be the eviction target if the nominations stay the same. Vanessa knows Johnny Mac is targeting her, but she also knows Steve hasn't been honest with her, and may have deals with other people. It may come down to which of the two would be worse to have around if certain people (Becky and/or Shelli) return to the house. And it's also possible that Austin will decide to fire the first shot against James and have Vanessa use the Veto so James can be nominated. It doesn't seem like he wants to do that, but he has to be thinking about it.

So we'll have to wait and see what happens. But with Vanessa holding the Veto, you can bet there will be a lot of talking on the feeds between now and the Veto ceremony.

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