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Buckwild Renewed For Season 2

It seemed unlikely MTV would be able to find a reality hit to replace Jersey Shore--at least not right away. However, the network put together Buckwild, a raucous program following a group of twentysomethings living in the town of Sissonville, West Virginia, who like to behave wildly via drinking and engaging in plenty of random and sometimes dangerous stunts. The show has been such a success during its Season 1 run that MTV is ordering another round.

When Buckwild initially premiered in January, it brought in a 1.4 rating and a couple of a million viewers. A couple of bad weeks aside, the show has mostly been pulling in over 2 to 3 million viewers each week. While that’s not enough to compete with Jersey Shore in its heyday, it’s enough to compete with the show’s first season, and it’s certainly enough to convince the network to sign on for Season 2.

According to EW, Buckwild is the number one original series cable series in the demo on Thursday nights, which may sound impossible. However, MTV’s demo happens to be a little different than the other networks, beginning at age 12 and running through 34. Still, if you haven’t caught the series, it’s likely to stick around for a while, and if you want to see what foolish shenanigans the kids in Buckwild engage in, you’ll be able to catch the end of Season 1 on Thursday at 10 p.m. ET. Additionally, at 11 p.m. ET, the network will air a special featuring bonus moments from the series called Bucking Unseen Moments.

Jessica Rawden

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