CSI Is Probably Ending, Here's How The Network Wants The Show To Go Out

As one of the most successful series to ever air on CBS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation seemed to be the show that would always be there. But, the crime drama may be reaching its final moments as it gears up for its 16th season. CBS is prepping for the beloved procedural’s final act, and in the mix of scenarios in sending off the series is the option of ending it with a final two-hour movie.

According to Deadline, sources report discussions of different scenarios for the final installment, one of which includes a two-hour movie that will wrap up the stories of the characters and give the show a proper send-off. A short, final season of 6 episodes is not out of the question either. Questions on what the network will be doing with CSI have been flooding the interwebs for the past few weeks in the midst of cancellations and while the universal thought is that the series will indeed be renewed, there is consistent murmur of the next season being its last.

Unlike many of the other major crime procedural franchises which ended with abrupt cancellations— NBC’s Law & Order and CBS’ CSI: Miami and CSI: NY—a two-hour final movie would give CSI the opportunity to tie up loose strings. One for instance is the major cliffhanger that the finale of Season 15 ended on when Elisabeth Shue’s character opens her eyes after being in a coma within the final minutes of the episode.

There is no official announcement on the form CSI will take when it returns to the small screen, but EW reports more juicy rumors of the decision-process, including a possibility of seeing original CSI star William Petersen return for the final hours. No matter the final decision, if CSI comes to a close this marks the end of an era. The show's more modernistic overtones including technology-based methods for solving murders set it apart from shows such as Law and Order.

But the gritty crime drama unfortunately has not seen the ratings it once did long ago, and as some of its spinoffs made it to the chopping block, the original faces the cut as well. A few months ago, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker spoke out about the impending threat of cancellation, stating that he would be unsatisfied if the series ended with the Season 15 finale, and with talents such as Elisabeth Shue and Ted Danson, it should go on for a very long time. But, ratings continue to go down as NCIS properties outshine the series. CBS is trying to keep its property alive by introducing new spinoff CSI: Cyber this winter. But even with that addition came an episode cut in the original CSI to make room.

Also with veteran actor George Eads announcing his departure from the series, the longevity of the series has not been given much hope. Approaching its potential end, we can only hope that CSI is given the send-off it deserves. Because if you can last 15 seasons, a two-hour movie to wrap it up is is the nice thing to do for fans.