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The CW And Netflix Strike A Deal: The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural And Others Available Streaming

Netflix just gave fans of The CW’s programming a reason to stick with their streaming video service. It was announced today that a deal has been struck between Netflix and The CW which will put a number of The CW’s popular dramas on Netflix’s list of available streaming content to their U.S. subscribers.

Deadline posted the full announcement, which states that the deal will allow “U.S. members of Netflix to instantly watch previous seasons of scripted series that air on The CW from its current schedule through the 2014-15 season.” This includes the new series from The CW’s Fall 2011 line-up, including Ringer, Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle, all of which were recently renewed for fall seasons. According to the deal, all of the seasons will be made available for four years from when the series finishes its full run on The CW.

?So when will you begin to see these series available on Netflix?

Previously aired seasons will begin airing October 15th for:

The Vampire Diaries

Gossip Girl

One Tree Hill


Previously aired seasons will begin airing January 2012:



The new series that have no “previously aired seasons” (Ringer, The Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie) will be made available streaming on Netflix next fall.

CBS’ Les Moonves seems to see the benefit to letting people get caught up on The CW’s series via Netflix, saying:

“This is a forward-thinking agreement for a network whose programming occupies a unique space in the content marketplace. It is a model that opens a new door for The CW programming to expand its audience reach through the terrific Netflix service, and creates a brand-new window for CBS and Warner Bros. to be paid for the content we supply the network. It also further illustrates how new distribution systems are providing premium content suppliers with additive revenue streams while still preserving traditional monetization windows.”

As someone who has always wanted to get into Supernatural, but is way too far behind, I’ll be looking forward to January when the series becomes available on Netflix.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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