The CW Wants A Third DC Comics Show, Here's The Latest

Now that Arrow officially managed to kick off its third season with a shocking introductory episode, and The Flash managed to crush in the ratings against many of its opponents on Tuesday night, the CW has begun to think about expanding its comic book world. No, we’re not kidding. Warner Bros. TV, DC Entertainment and The CW are in talks to bring a third DC Comics character to the network.

Mark Pedowitz recently explained that discussions were ongoing, but that nothing has been solidified, yet. Or, at least, he’s staying mum about who the superhero character can be. Here’s the official quote.

“There are discussions going on, but I can’t tell you what they are.”

The quote was buried into an Arrow article over at Buzzfeed, which notes that it is the success of The CW’s other two superhero dramas that is really propelling the new idea forward. So, Flash, you need to keep pulling in high numbers so the studio can officially move forward with this third project and we can learn which character may land another primetime slot.

We do know that Arrow has been no stranger to introducing comic book characters on its hit show. In fact, this season Brandon Routh has been signed on for a major Arrow arc. He’s playing Ray Palmer, a physicist and inventor who will take over Queen Consolidated and who also happens to be superhero Atom. He’ll also pop up for a whopping 14 episodes of the new season. Obviously, when The Flash was introduced, he only appeared in a couple of episodes before the show got picked up and he moved to a new night. Former Superman actor Brandon Routh has the looks and the pedigree to run his own series, but since his role on Arrow will be so substantial, I’m not sure that’s the direction The CW will want to go in.

There’s also the more obvious idea that this character might not be a superhero or heroine, at all. Deathstroke’s still hanging out, last I checked. And there are a slew of famous villains, heroes and people who get involved with heroes and villains who could be primed to star in their own show. Oliver Queen also has a half-sister who is pretty complicated.

I can tell you who it won’t be. Supergirl won’t be headed to The CW, for instance, because she already has her own show heading to CBS. A live action Teen Titans is also in the works, but cable network TNT has landed the contract for that one. Stay tuned as this story develops.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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