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Cablevision's New Service: Buy The DVD, Get The Movie On Demand

Getting things “On Demand” through your cable provider is nothing new. For years we’ve been able to rent movies right from our TVs. Now Cablevision digital subscribers will be able to purchase DVDs right from their television and as a bonus, they’ll be able to watch the movie they’ve purchased immediately after the purchase.

Cablevision’s new service is called Popcorn DVDs On Demand and was created after Cablevision teamed up with Popcorn Home Entertainment, which according Reuters, has distribution agreements with Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Warner brothers.

Cablevision digital subscribers will be charged $19.99 plus shipping per DVD. Then they’ll have 24 hours immediately following the purchase to watch the movie on their TV. Now considering it’s usually about a month between the time a film gets released on DVD and the time it becomes available On Demand through most digital cable services, getting the movie On Demand plus the DVD is a pretty good deal and very convenient. According to the Reuters article, American Gangsters will be of the first movies available through the service on February 19, 2008, which is the same day the film is released on DVD.

Of course, you have to have Cablevision in order to benefit from this. Unfortunately for me, I’ll be stuck with whatever On Demand service Time Warner has because Cablevision doesn’t have service in my area.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

Kelly joined CinemaBlend as a freelance TV news writer in 2006 and went on to serve as the site’s TV Editor before moving over to other roles on the site. At present, she’s an Assistant Managing Editor who spends much of her time brainstorming and editing feature content on the site.