Carmen Electra's New Dating Show Sounds Outrageous

Over the years, Carmen Electra has made the most of her assets, taking a glamour modeling career and vaulting it into work on TV and in the movie industry. This week, we learned that WE tv has signed on the actress to host Ex Isle, a ridiculous new series that will take place on a secluded island (that’s not the outrageous part).

Here’s the basic scheme of the Carmen Electra-led relationship series. Ex Isle will take former couples to an island. While there, they will enjoy the sunshine and the tropical plants and use the time to once and for all “break free” of the problems that have plagued them in order to move on and have a healthy relationship. It would be hard to do that, obviously, without some sort of counseling. So, Dr. Ish Major, a psychiatrist who is described as “an expert on broken relationships,” will be around to offer advice.

WE tv’s President calls Ex Isle a show that follows an premise dating shows have not really engaged with before. Here’s his quote:

Ex Isle is a concept that’s completely untapped in the world of dating and relationship shows, but one that’s familiar to so many of us. The couples featured will be given the tools and guidance to let go of the past and finally move towards building emotionally healthy and productive relationships.

The first part of this really doesn't seem like a dating show. In fact it’s like the opposite, supposedly helping former couples to get over all of their issues. But then, in a twist, 10 singles will show up at the resort and give the couples a shot at love. At least it’s a slightly better concept than dating naked or having sex in a box on a stage (another WE tv creation).

So, where does Carmen Electra come in? As the host of the 10-episode series, Electra will bring her signature “comical commentary” to Ex Isle. Yes, those are WE tv’s words, not ours. At least Electra does have some practice with this sort of form of entertainment. Years ago, she was the host on MTV’s Singled Out. Just to give you an idea of what that was like...

Really, she should be a fine enough fit.

Ex Isle is expected to join the plethora of other reality shows on WE We tv lineup starting in 2016. We’ll let you know if anything outrageous happens.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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