Chicago P.D. Crossover Episode Is Going To Feature A Huge Twist For Voight

The Chicago saga created by NBC’s Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med is about to get another crossover event, and this one promises to be especially emotional for one character. Spoilers are coming up next, so beware.

In the new episode, the intelligence team from Chicago P.D. is going to investigate a case to see if a doctor is intentionally killing his patients. According to EW/a>, the doctor under investigation, Dr. Dean Reybold, just happens to be the doctor who treated Hank Voight’s wife before her death. Meaning, of course, that she might not have died of natural causes, but was, instead, killed by her doctor.

Hank Voight started off as an antagonist for the Chicago Fire crew before heading up the Chicago P.D. team. In those days, the gruff, non-nonsense character (played to intense perfection by Jason Beghe), was on a mission to keep his screw up son out of trouble after he ran afoul of the law and was caught out by a lieutenant in the firehouse. Voight used all his power as a law-bending, Vic Mackey-type of cop to put the pressure on the lieutenant, and try to make him afraid to tell the truth about his son.

Voight has become a lot straighter of an arrow since we started watching him lead the hard-core intelligence squad on Chicago P.D. a season and a half ago. And Voight has made no bones about the fact that he’s done some things in the past that he wishes he hadn’t, and he’s also been subject to some of those actions coming back to bite him. All the better to make us have some respect for the cop and hope to see him come out on top.

But, if anything could make Voight turn back to the sort-of dark side of law enforcement, it would be finding out that his dearly departed wife’s doctor is actually a killer hiding in plain site. Man, Voight is going to be unstoppable with this case. There’s no way he’ll rest until he figures out what the deal is with Dr. Reybold. And, it will be difficult for him to keep himself reigned in if he gets even the barest hint of a whiff of actual guilt coming off the, possibly not so good, doc. If a few seasons of Hank Voight have taught viewers anything, it’s that he will have an incredibly hard time not just straight up killing anyone who messes with the people he cares about.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how Voight handles the suspicion around his wife’s former doctor. I sense that there’ll be a lot of angry whispering through tight lips and clenched jaws, as well as more than an episode’s worth of furious squinting, swearing and threat-making. It would be nice, though, for us to also get to see more of the softer side of Voight in this story, somehow. Anger is perfectly understandable, but some actual sadness from this guy would turn the emotional volume for this crossover up to 11.

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