When I picture someone as dreamy-looking as Chord Overstreet guest-starring on ABC’s The Middle, I immediately picture Sue Heck’s social awkwardness going into overdrive as she sets eyes on the former Glee star. While that may be in the cards, it sounds like Overstreet will be playing a role in a different Heck kid’s story when he appears in the comedy series.

Zap2It.com posted the news of Overstreet’s guest-starring role on The Middle. Glee fans who are disappointed that Overstreet has departed from the series, will apparently get to see him in an episode of The Middle next season. He’ll be playing Ralph Wickerson, who’s described as “Brick Heck's idealistic fourth grade teacher who gets a little over-involved in his student's life, if you ask Frankie and Mike. He doesn't exactly agree with their laid-back parenting methods.”

So, rather than seeing him as a student and a teen, he’ll be playing an adult role. It may only be one episode, but this could be a good move for Overstreet, especially if he’s looking for an older role as a regular in a new or current series, as opposed to playing another teen. As Zap2It notes, it’s unknown whether or not he’ll be singing.

Brick’s such a unique kid. The thought of one of his teachers getting involved in his life is intriguing and a recipe for more genius Middle moments.

(Whispered) Middle moments...




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