Chris Egan Cast In ABC's Beauty And The Beast Pilot

While The CW’s Beauty and the Beast pilot has found its Beauty, the first bit of casting for ABC’s take on the story. Last seen starring opposite Amanda Seyfried in the film Letters to Juliet, it looks like Chris Egan is making yet another attempt at a role in television with ABC’ Beauty and the Beast.

Egan won’t be playing the Beast, but he will be set up as a character who sounds like he’s pretty cozy with the Beauty. Deadline posted the news of the casting. The pilot is described as a re-imagining of the classic tale, and follows Grace, an “embattled princess who encounters the beast and discovers an “unlikely connection” with him. Egan is set to play Grace’s fiancé Gorrick, who’s also her father’s most trusted soldier. He he a “borish, brainless” Gaston-type? We shall see! Or we will if ABC gives this pilot the green light for series.

In addition to Letters to Juliet, Egan starred in NBC’s shortlived drama Kings, and he was cast to play Edgar Allen Poe in a pilot last year called Poe, which didn’t receive a series order. Perhaps he’ll have better luck with Beauty and the Beast.

Kelly West
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