The Criminal Minds Spinoff Just Got Its First Trailer And It's Excellent

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming Criminal Minds spinoff for some time now, and this Wednesday the network will air the backdoor pilot for the spinoff during an episode of its long-running franchise. The episode is being called “Beyond Borders,” and will introduce us to the brand new characters being played by CSI:NY’s Gary Sinise and Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn. Give it a watch, below.

As the trailer for the spinoff illuminates, the “Beyond Borders” episode will feature a family who is kidnapped by a psychopath when their vacation goes awry. Unfortunately, they are on vacation outside of the United States in Barbados, and international territories aren’t the BAU team’s strong suit. So, Criminal Minds Aaron Hotchner enlists the help of International Unit Chief Jack Garrett (Sinise) and his team to track down the family before it is too late. Sinise is in his element with this procedural stuff, and I'm liking his character already.


In addition, the preview focuses on Anna Gunn’s character, Lily Lambert, who has been described as “capable” in helping American citizens who are in trouble abroad. The spinoff team will also include The Walking Dead’s Tyler James Williams, who will play the team’s version of Penelope, although we doubt he’ll be as into fashion and trinkets as the amusing Criminal Minds character. Williams’ name is Russ Montgomery, but he’ll go by Monty. Finally, Daniel Henney has signed on to play Agent Matt Simmons.

The Criminal Minds spinoff, which will likely roll with the subtitle Beyond Borders, has been shaping up for some time now, but this week’s episode of Criminal Minds will be importantant in terms of whether or not the new project will move forward. If Beyond Borders is well-liked by the audience and the executives who preview the episode, then there’s a good chance we will see the behavior-oriented procedural on the air next fall. If it falls flat, Beyond Borders could be a bigger failure than Suspect Behavior, in that it may not even nab a series order.

Thus, if you are excited about the Criminal Minds spinoff, this week’s episode is a good one to tune in for. The network could certainly do worse than a series about a criminal team visiting exotic locations to take down big baddies. Catch the spinoff’s planted pilot on Wednesday, April at 9 p.m. ET, only on CBS.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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