Cut Hot Tub Scene From How I Met Your Mother

If you caught the first episode of the new season of How I Met Your Mother, titled “Wait For It,” this week and you’re anything like me, you nearly choked on a mouth-full of Diet Coke when Barney announced,“We are gonna get Cirque du so laid – Wadaaap!” when telling Ted that there were some female acrobats from Montreal in town. That line was legen – wait for it!…

Another scene that struck me as amusing in an oddly homoerotic sort of way was when Ted, Barney, Mandy Moore’s character, Amy and her random blonde friend were all soaking in a hot tub naked. The fact that Ted and Barney were sitting naked just feet apart from one another went virtually un-addressed as Ted admired Amy’s “tats.” Apparently there was more to the scene than could be shown in the episode and thanks to the magic of Myspace video, that footage is now available for viewing!

The video below shows the scene as it aired in the episode as well as what was cut out. Barney is courteous enough to give Ted a little warning as to what he can expect to see and hear should he and blondy decide to get it on in the hot tub while Ted and Amy are still in it.

How It Really Happened: Hot Tub Scenes

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For future reference, Barney’s safe word is “banana.”


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