Daredevil May Have Just Teased A New Major Villain For Season 2

The promotional train for Daredevil Season 2 is rolling along smoothly now, and yesterday’s Sistine Chapel trailer had us whooping at our computer screens. But there was a new image released that slipped under the radar, and it might just contain a clue that we’ll be seeing another one of Daredevil’s most popular rogues: Bullseye. Check the image out below, and pay attention to the bottom left-hand side.


Okay, so you probably had to pull out your magnifying glass to see what I was talking about at that size. But that slot contains a playing card, which is a favorite weapon of Bullseye’s, as he’s able to fling it with such force and precision as to do damage to just about anything, from a watermelon to someone’s throat. And Daredevil fans know that a playing card to the throat is a huge moment in the comics that could also show up in Season 2, but we won’t be speculating on that right here.

Not long after news about Season 2 started to surface, it was rumored that Bullseye might appear to give Daredevil and Hell’s Kitchen trouble, but no casting for the character was ever announced. Now, we know that Elektra will be around and looking fabulous while kicking ass, as well as The Punisher. But while both will serve as partial antagonists – The Punisher is expected to go from battling Daredevil to teaming up with him as the season goes on – there isn’t really one confirmed big bad to center the narrative around. It’s possibly Wilson Fisk could return, and the Hand is out there, but someone like Bullseye would really shake things up in a great way.

Here’s a closer shot of the card on the poster, shared by Marvel.


Now, there are obviously some signs that this isn’t a clue about Bullseye at all. For one, the poster is basically a callback to everything that happened in Season 1, with neither Punisher nor Elektra on there. And those who watched Season 1 know that a King playing card was used as a stand in for Fisk on the bulletin board map of suspects, so it might just be referencing that. But that was diamonds, and the one on the new poster appears to be clubs. I know it’s kind of a ridiculous detail, but had it been the exact same card, it would have certainly dampened my hopes for Bullseye. But they will live on for now.

Daredevil Season 2 will be hitting Netflix even earlier than what was previously thought, and every episode will be available for streaming on Friday, March 18. To see when the rest of your favorite shows are premiering and returning in the next few months, check out our midseason TV schedule, and let us know below if you think the playing card is significant.

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