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If you happened to catch the totally bizarre season finale of Desperate Housewives last spring then you saw that at the very end of the episode, the show jumped forward five years. The ending revealed some very interesting (to say the least) changes in some of the characters’ lives. It looks like there will be even more changes when the new season resumes, specifically with regards to some of the cast.

While it’s likely that the make-up people will be able to age up Susan’s daughter Julie to make her look a few years older but the same can obviously not be said for Lynette and Tom Scavo’s kids. Porter and Parker Scavo, Lynette’s rebellious twin sons, who were previously played by the Kinsman twins (Cheaper by the Dozen), have been recast and will now be played by Charles and Max Carver. Scavo son Parker will be played by Joshua Moore and their youngest child, Penny will be played by Kendall Applegate.

All of the newly cast kids are virtual unknowns, though according to IMDB, Applegate has a small role in the upcoming Pauly Shore (yes, he’s still around!) movie, Opposite Day. All three boys will be in their teens and Penny will be around 8 or 9 years old.

I didn’t know what to think about the season finale of Desperate Housewives, but if there’s one thing I can’t wait to see when the series resumes, it’s how bad things have gotten for the Scavos. Those twins were nightmares in their early youth. I think it’s safe to say that their teen-versions could be even worse.