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What seemed like an unrelated situation appears to be getting a lot more related. I'm referring to Zach Hamilton, the potential murderer introduced during last Sunday night's episode of Dexter. It was looking like Zach might be Dexter's next mark. But the preview for this Sunday's "A Little Reflection" suggests Zach will be connected to Dexter in a much bigger way, as it looks like he's a patient of Dr. Vogel's. And - bigger spoiler - she's considering introducing the code to Zach.

I actually love that idea, as I think it might end up being a huge mistake. Maybe Zach turns out to be just like Dexter on paper, but if he tries the code and fails, it could give us a better perspective on the kind of discipline Dexter has had to exercise in order to live by the code. That's just a theory though, and it's really thinking a bit too far ahead at this point. But the title "A Little Reflection" does make me think we're in for some big comparisons between young Zach Hamilton and Dexter. There's also a conflict of interest. As the clip below emphasizes, Dexter's investigating Zach to determine if the kid is Norma's murderer.

Wealthy and well-connected, there's a good chance Zach will walk away from the crime without legal repercussions, which is exactly where Dexter tends to linger, waiting in the shadows to exact his own justice. Or make a kill and call it justice. However you want to look at it. Either way, Dexter wants to kill him and Vogel wants to study him. Something tells me this will eventually end bloody.

In other news, Deb's on a new case. We saw Elway punching some guy who was hitting on Deb in the preview. The clip below fills in some of the blanks for that scene, but not all of them…

Is Elway developing feelings for Deb? Or does he have issues with the guy he hit, whom he seemed to know. There's definitely more to that story, but I'd be interested to see something spark between Elway and Deb.

And unrelated to the clips, but related to the preview, it looks like Angie Miller won the sergeant position over Quinn. What happened there? And what did Quinn mean when he said "I know what you're doing"? Seems too obvious to think he actually caught Dexter stalking someone, but maybe he did but doesn't fully realize Dexter's intentions. We'll have to wait and see when the episode airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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