Now that we know that the eighth season of Dexter will be its last, we're left to wonder how this story is meant to end. The poster showed our anti-hero wrapped in plastic and one of the previously released teasers hints at a dead end for the title character. And now the latest teaser has Dexter talking about his legacy and while he'll leave behind. All signs seem to point toward the strong possibility that Dexter isn't going to make it out of this series alive. Would that be poetic justice for all of the lives he's taken over the course of the series?

The teaser above is great, not only because it recalls many of the departed characters whose DNA ended up in Dexter's slide-box at one point or another, but it's a more visual approach to the previously released teaser for Season 8, which listed off the names that go with many of those faces on the wall. Will Dexter's past be coming back to haunt him? Or is he merely taking stock in the stack of bodies he's compiled over the years?

More importantly, the teaser ends with Dexter turning around and smiling, his head perfectly set in the empty frame behind him. Is he the final face on that wall? I know there's a good possibility that Dexter will die by the series' end, but would it be be such a stretch to predict that the last life Dexter will take might be his own?

Dexter returns Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.

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