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Dexter Season 8 Teaser Hints At A Dead End

In the latest teaser for the upcoming eighth season of Dexter teases the possibility of the lead character's death. Is it possible that the series has always been headed toward "a dead end" for its anti-hero? I suppose the alternatives are that Dexter finds a way to "cure" himself and expel his dark passenger, or he's caught and sent to prison for his crimes… or the series ends with him wandering off into the sunset with the intention of continuing to be what he is. There's really no predicting how this story will end, but we have a little time to theorize and try to decide for ourselves whether or not Dexter even deserves a happily ever after.

Dexter isn't the only one with a fate that's to be determined. Deb crossed a major line last season, not only in her choice to protect her brother and cover up his crimes, but in pulling the trigger to kill LaGuerta. Her choice to protect her brother turned her into a straight-up murderer. The teaser below takes a similar approach to the one above in focusing on the face of the subject, while pondering what's behind the mask.

And since we're on the subject of Dexter's final season, here's a fun one that looks at the production of the show, and introduces us to David Zayas' stand-in and son, David Zayas Jr.

As great as it is to "meet" Zayas' son, who is the stand in for Batista on set, let's point out something even more interesting - why's Batista back at Miami Metro? We saw Zayas' son standing in front of a white board that appears to lay out the details of a case (I think I can read "Victim #2" up above his left shoulder). Batista's supposed to be retired and running a restaurant. Has he gone back to work? Is he involved in the investigation for LaGuerta's murder? Or maybe this is a flashback of some sort? Just some things to ponder!

Dexter returns for Season 8 on Sunday, June 30 on Showtime. Watch the sneak peek for the new season here.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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