It sounds like NBC’s Munsters reboot is managing to get past some of the problems with casting on the high-profile project. Splashy British comedian Eddie Izzard is in final negotiations for one of the leading roles in the pilot, that of Grandpa Munster – a role he was first offered back in January.

Apparently Izzard was approached for the role back in January, but other projects prevented him from coming on board. It sounds like this was one of the major casting difficulties that caused NBC to push back production of the project. Deadline reports that Izzard’s issues are all cleared up, and having been offered a few other potential pilot roles, he has come back around to accept that of Grandpa.

The reboot, which has been renamed Mockingbird Lane after the street the supernatural family calls home, has generated plenty of interest. It’s described as a new take on the classic series and is expected to offer a visual treat for viewers. Keeping the original spirit of the campy 60s series alive while giving the project an up-to-date modern look is one challenge – casting the classic characters is another. Izzard is the first casting decision for the pilot and sets a big precedent for the rest of the cast. His penchant for dramatic makeup should certainly fit the part nicely.

Eddie Izzard was apparently so impressed with the vision for the project that he will not only play the dapper old shape-shifting vampire, but will also come on in a producing capacity. The reboot is being written by Bryan Fuller and directed by Bryan Singer. Now that things are moving forward, the rest of the casting should be interesting to see.

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