There’s good news and bad news for fans of FX’s Louie. The good news is that fans of Louis C.K.’s TV program will be getting a fourth season on the network. However, unfortunately, that fourth season won’t be coming anytime soon. Louie has closed shop until 2014.

Louie’s been on a pretty regular schedule since it’s inception. Seasons 1-3 ran aired on FX from June through September during subsequent TV seasons. Season 3’s finale only aired a couple of weeks ago, and now, the man feels it is high time he took a much needed break. TV Line is reporting that Louis C.K. broke the news in a conference call Tuesday, stating he wants a break for two reasons. The first is to invest time in his stand-up career, and the second is to put together enough material to wow audiences with Season 4.

Louis C.K.’s decision to take a break is certainly shaking things up a bit. I can hardly blame the man for wanting a break from a show he writes, edits, produces, directs, and also stars in, but I’m not sure taking a full-year hiatus is the best way to accomplish this. Alternatively, the man could have delineated his responsibilities out a bit, or even done a final season and closed up shop. I worry that by taking a hiatus, the man’s audience may find other TV initiatives to occupy their time. Nonetheless, Louis C.K.’s a smart guy, and I’m sure he weighed the pros and cons before making a decision.

Ultimately, the hiatus doesn’t look to be too extended. The comedian currently has plans to begin filming in the fall of 2013 and is hoping for a May 2014 airdate.

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