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The Kardashians may belong to E! but MTV is looking to create their very own version. The network once devoted to music videos has ordered a pilot presentation for a partially scripted but mainly improvisational comedy that will follow a family reminiscent of the Kardashians--whose exploits have been seen on reality TV and in tabloids, as well.

Watching the Wilsons is said to be about a Kardashian-like family with a few important twists. The show will also features similarities to the Bluth family from Arrested Development and the second will be a take on aspects of Modern Family’s Pritchett family. A dash of Kardashian, a dash of Pritchett, and a dash of Bluth sounds like a very interesting cocktail.

Deadline says the new project would be a hybrid of sorts. It’s expected to have the look and feel of a reality series but wouldn’t actually be one, in that the roles would be played by actors and some of the story would be scripted. But since the show would mostly be improvisational, the actors would be sort-of creating their own reality. The project comes from RelativityReal and has Jay Blumenfield and Tony Marsh on board to executive produce. The two have plenty of reality credits, including Showtime’s adult entertainment-based series Family Business and ABC’s Here Comes the Newlyweds.

Watching the Wilsons may be in development, but there's some bad news over at MTV today regarding another project. The network has passed on the pilot for Cassandra French’s Finishing School for Boys, which was based on the book by Eric Garcia. A Kardashian-themed project may have better luck, even if it lacks any actual Kardashians.

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