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Fargo Renewed For Season 3 By FX

FX president John Landgraf has been public about his views that there is too much TV out there, but those opinions thankfully haven’t caused him to scale back on the quality programming his network puts out. The most recent evidence of this is the network’s decision to bring Fargo back for another round, and audiences can start anticipating a presumably dark and oddly hilarious Season 3 next year.

Though it was hard to tell what to expect from Fargo’s small screen debut when it was first announced, creator Noah Hawley’s approach to the material was about as engrossing and perfect as possible. Season 1 was critically acclaimed as all hell, and earned a ton of award nominations, but Season 2 has really upped the ante, and is currently one of the most lauded shows of the 2015 season, at least according to every website that matters. There’s just something about super-violent crimes and northern accents that people love to get into.

It’s a shame that critic approval doesn’t automatically equal massive audiences. As good as Fargo has been with storytelling and character development, there hasn’t been an overwhelming number of people watching those stories and characters in action. Season 1 kept its audience just south of 2 million people per episode, give or take, but Season 2 has seen that number drop, at least as far as same-day watching goes. Mondays are definitely busy nights all across the TV schedule, so it’s understandable, but that doesn’t make it right, ya know?

At this point, there’s understandably no details about what we might expect from Season 3, but it’s an interesting angle to ponder. As it’s an anthology show, a new chapter wouldn’t automatically be related to either of the previous seasons, but the connection between the first two sets up a precedent that might take us somewhere else within this universe. I would really hope to return to Alison Tolman’s Molly as an adult for Season 3, given how great that character was, but I’m also okay with going back through Sheriff Hank’s past. Someone get Ted Danson CGI’d into a young man, stat!

Tonight is Episode 7 of 10, and will take the story of the Blumquists, the Gerhardts and the Kansas City mafia to new heights. Or new lows, depending on how you see it. Check out the trailer for it below.

Any show that has Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan deserves another season, right? It’s not clear when we’ll be seeing Season 3 hitting the air, but don’t forget to watch the rest of Fargo Season 2 while you’re waiting. It airs every Monday night at FX.

Nick Venable
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