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Find Out When President Obama Is Joining The Colbert Report

When you have a talk show that’s dedicated to a certain subject matter, the goal is to always get the biggest name in the biz involved. Stephen Colbert is bringing the politically satirical Colbert Report to a close this month, but before he goes, he has landed his very first live interview with the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama. Patriotic rating: five bald eagles each sewing two American flags into the shape of an apple pie.

Colbert made the big announcement on The Colbert Report Thursday night, with the Presidential visit anchoring the show’s one-night-only trip to Washington D.C. The interview will take place on Monday at George Washington University, and I believe we can all appreciate the effort that went into this goofy and longwinded title for the episode, considering he’s got Washington’s main man sitting down with him.

Stephen Colbert Presents: Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington D.C. Ya Later, Legislator: Partisan is Such Sweet Sorrow: A Colbert Victory Lap, ‘014”

It just can’t be topped. In the announcement, Colbert said he is “so honored to be sitting down with the man who sat down with Bill O’Reilly.” Nyuk, nyuk. What I would pay to see the three of them in the same room together, where each of them is down around two bottles of wine.

Obama has made appearances on The Colbert Report in the past, to be sure, just not in a proper interview setting. (The POTUS has been more keen on making appearances over at The Daily Show though.) He appeared via satellite as a senator in 2008 along with Hilary Clinton and John Edwards for a bit, and then again in 2009 via a pre-taped segment, which went along with Colbert shaving his head that time on the air. Check out the White House’s behind-the-scenes vid of that taping below.

This is one of The Colbert Report’s final episodes, with the last one airing on Thursday, December 18. He’ll have new Late Late Show host James Corden and Serial podcast host Sarah Koenig on after Obama, and he’s set to take on hosting duties of CBS’ Late Show next year.

What are the chances Colbert slips a question past Obama’s “Talk Show Question Squad Unit,” or whoever screens that kind of thing? Find out when Stephen Colbert out-Colberts himself on Monday, December 8, and head over to Comedy Central to watch the announcement as it happened.

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