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After airing six episodes in a row since mid-January, The Flash is taking a break until later this month, but fear not, The CW didn’t leave fans empty-handed. After dealing with Earth-2 villains for the past several weeks, from evil doppelgängers to a humanoid shark, Barry Allen will have to deal with a new Earth-1 adversary when the show returns, and like him, she’s quick of the feet. If you haven’t already, take your first look at The Flash’s newest speedster Trajectory in the same-named episode.

The preview for “Trajectory" kicks off with the Central City Picture News’ new editor Scott Evans, played by Tone Bell, declaring that Flash has gone rogue. We then see that a speedy figure has been stealing money and valuables across Central City, and everyone believes it’s the Scarlet Speedster because of that familiar yellow lightning. Of course, it’s not Barry Allen who’s suddenly turned to a life of crime, but Trajectory, a.k.a. Eliza Harmon (played by Allison Paige), the first woman on The Flash gifted with super speed. Now it’s up to Barry to catch Trajectory and clear his name, but it won’t be easy.

Although this is her first appearance, it’s clear Trajectory has had plenty of practice with super speed. We even see a quick shot of Barry trapped in one of the S.T.A.R. Labs Pipeline power-negating prison cells, and it’s a good bet Trajectory was the one who put him there. Not helping matters is Cisco, who jokingly (I hope) asked Barry to get her phone number next time he sees her.

In the comics, Trajectory was a minor character who was gifted super speed by Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project during the 52 weekly series, only to die in battle a few issues later when Luthor took away her powers. It’s still unclear whether she’ll only be a guest star or recur later on in the series, but following Flash, Reverse-Flash and Zoom, it’s good to see a woman with super speed on the series. Another female speedster from the comics currently on The Flash is Jesse Quick, who in this continuity is Harry Wells’ daughter. Jesse doesn’t have powers yet, but with Velocity-9 out there along with other means to gain powers, the opportunities are out there for her to start running quickly.


As for Trajectory, if the show doesn’t plan on bringing her back, then she might want to be worried about a certain demonic speedster from Earth-2. Despite him being back on the alternate planet, Zoom (or as we now know him, Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick) is resourceful enough to find his way back to Earth-1, and if he’s able to replicate how Wells stole some of Barry’s speed, then it’s not impossible that he could seek out Trajectory and drain her of all her speed before killing her. In case it wasn’t already painfully clear, Zoom is ruthless with the competition.

You can The Flash’s next episode, “Trajectory,” on Tuesday, March 22 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.