March Madness
The most satisfying and thrilling of the many annual sporting events, (save the Stanley Cup Finals, of course), is the collegiate basketball tournament affectionately known as March Madness. There really is no better time in sport than the few weeks in March when the best basketball teams in the National Collegiate Athletic Association play it out to decide which one will be declared the best. The 2013 Madness starts on Tuesday, March 19 and concludes with the National Championship on Monday, April 8, with as many of the intense games as possible broadcast on Turner Sports, meaning CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. And International viewers may luck out by not only getting those networks but also our own affiliates meaning even more coverage of the three week long event.

You really don't want to miss a single moment of the action taking place all across the US because, unlike their pro counterparts, these kids are playing for nothing but pride and a chance to be the last team standing after the 64 team tournament. And even if you’re not particularly invested in the world of sports, the always compelling event also provides a great opportunity to engage in some good natured gambling. Money may be involved but what's really at stake are bragging rights. Shame or glory that you keep until next March. The dates and venues have been set but the bracket's still up in the air, so be sure check with the NCAA March Madness site in the coming weeks for all the information. Who will cut the most important net this year? Go Wildcats! Figure that one out.


The second season of HBO's Girls has been in a bit of a slump these past few week's but Lena Dunham's series got off to such a great start this year that the finale in just a few weeks time is still a pretty major March television event. "Together," the last episode of the sometimes sensational, sometimes so-so season airs mid-month, on Sunday, March 17 and was co-written by Dunham and Judd Apatow. Even though there are only two installments before the big finale, it's still unclear where the story and characters will end up and who isn't keen to find out?

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