Game Of Thrones Season 6: Jon Snow's Future May Be Different Than We Thought

Probable spoilers and winter are coming.

We’ve gone through an entire summer, and Game of Thrones conversations are still revolving around whether Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow is actually dead or not. (As well as how much hot oil should be poured on Ramsey Bolton’s face when he eventually dies.) Everything has been used as possible evidence, from Harrington’s haircut to his presence near filming locations. Well, now there appears to be irrefutable evidence that we will see Jon Snow very much alive in Season 6, although it may not be in a way we were expecting.

Not only has Harrington been hanging around in Belfast, but he’s actually been filming Game of Thrones scenes, and it looks like the scene in question may also feature actress Carice van Houten, who plays the devious Lady Melisandre, who was basically responsible for ruining Stannis Baratheon’s life. If that is indeed her, then it could explain how Jon is up and around, as she is capable of doing all kinds of magic, and many fans have theorized that it’s conceivable she could resurrect someone. While we’d hate to be mentally in debt to the Red Lady for bringing Jon back, it’s something we’re willing to undertake.

Now take a close look at the picture from Daily Mail below, which shows off something very interesting.

In the picture, Jon isn’t wearing his normal Night’s Watch attire, which is what we last saw him in as he was seemingly dying in the snow. With his sword by his side, he is instead wearing clothing from House Stark, which could mean a whole world of things at this point. The Boltons are currently sitting pretty (or horrifyingly) in Winterfell, the former home of the Stark family. So, knowing that we may get a flashback this season that clues the world in on Jon’s real parents, is it possible that he would once again take up arms in the name of Stark for heritage’s sake? Past rumors have said that Harrington was filming battle scenes, and we’d love to see him gather a squad to take down the Boltons once and for all.

Of course there are other options. Maybe the scene being filmed here is itself a flashback of some kind. But that’s more of a pisser possibility, so we’re not even going to give that too much thought.

What do you guys think Jon Snow’s and his fashion choice mean?

Nick Venable
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