Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer: Check Out Sansa Looking Like A Total Badass

There's a lot of things we are expecting from Game of Thrones Season 6. We are expecting Bran to come back and Arya to be blind in Braavos. We are expecting Jon Snow's body to be lying dead on a slab of rock. We are expecting some new characters to be appearing for the first time. What we weren't expecting was for Sansa to be a total badass, but that's exactly what we are getting in the brand new trailer for Season 6. Do give it a watch, below.

There's a lot that we can say about this trailer. Things are looking dire in many parts of Westeros. Stuff is still tense in King's Landing between the royal family and the Sparrows and Arya is having a hard time of it in her new life. On The Wall, things are even tenser. Not only are there white walkers to contend with, but there seems to be plenty of upheaval, as well, as the Onion Knight faces off against the members of the Night's Watch who betrayed Jon Snow. And then there's Sansa. It's the eldest daughter of Ned Stark that we are most excited about in the trailer. If you want to catch her in action, she appears around the :38 second mark, or you can just check out her prim-lady-turned-warrior-princess look, below.

badass sansa

Sansa has dealt with a lot through the past five seasons of the series. She didn't have to worry about much growing up, but after her father was unjustly executed, she was stuck in King's Landing and used by several members of the Lannister family. Joffrey, in particular, was extremely brutish to her. Plus, she was forced to marry Tyrion Lannister, although Tyrion at least meant well. It's no wonder she escaped with Littlefinger, who forced her into another trap with Ramsay Bolton, who was more horrible to her than Joffrey was. At the end of Season 5, she and Theon Greyjoy jumped from a high wall in Winterfell and made a big escape. We don't know exactly where she will be at the start of Season 6, but she certainly means business. In the trailer, her sentiments are blunt and bloodthirsty. They come from a person who seems to be looking for revenge.

It's all I think about. What was taken from me.

We've been waiting a long time for Sansa to come into her own. While Jaime Lannister has a good moment with the High Sparrow and Tyrion has a fine moment where he schools Missandei on his particular skill sets, it's her trajectory we are most interested in right now. For more on how the character is expected to change, check out what Sophie Turner had to say about the upcoming episodes.

If you are a little behind on what to expect from Game Of Thrones' sixth season, don't worry, we have you covered. Go ahead and check out our full what we know guide regarding the new season, which returns to HBO on April 24. Or, if you happened to miss the first trailer, you can catch it in full on the next page.

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