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The Netflix Gilmore Girls revival is under way with most of the original cast returning for more Stars Hollow antics. We don’t, though, know a whole lot about what the episodes will be about. But, now, one eagle-eyed visitor to the set has spotted something that might give us a pretty good clue.

This was posted on Jordan McKamie’s Instagram page. Her caption notes that she was able to tour the Warner Brothers studio lot, which is where Gilmore Girls is filming its new episodes, and was able to see the Stars Hollow sets on the Saturday she visited, but without photographing any of it. They were, however, allowed into a prop storage room and free to take pictures, and Jordan, bless her heart, has shared our first real clue as to what at least one of the revival’s episodes might be about. The note attached to the prop, which looks to be an ornate lamp or maybe even a fountain, is being held for a Gilmore Girls wedding set. Um…EEEEEEEEEEE!

So, who’s getting married here is the major question. Let’s start off with the lesser possibilities. We know that we’ll see both Paris and her college boyfriend Doyle at some point during the show. When the series left off, Paris had dumped Doyle, even though they had been living together. Doyle refuses to accept the breakup and tells Paris that he’ll follow her wherever she goes. As long as that actually happened, it’s a pretty good bet that the two are still together all these years later. They could be tying the knot, but I see the super organized, hyper, possibly over committed to work, twosome as people who would be getting hitched quickly between shifts at their respective jobs if they were going to do it. There wouldn’t be any big lavish wedding where decoration like this would be needed.

The other unlikely possibility? Kirk and Lulu. The town’s sweet-hearted weirdo and his girlfriend dated for several years through the end of the show. Before Lulu, Kirk had been quite the mama’s boy and still lived at home with her. Under Lulu’s positive influence, though, he began to start living his own life without depending on his mom so much. It’s incredibly likely that Kirk proposed to Lulu after the show ended, but, I see them as a couple that would have gotten hitched long ago.

Obviously, we all want this wedding to include either Lorelai or Rory. I could easily see either of these ladies taking around 10 years to finally decide on a dude to spend the rest of their lives with. Lorelai, of course, was back together with Luke after much on again, off again drama in their relationship. She was also told by Luke that she could take her time in deciding how far she wanted their relationship to go. So, for a woman who’d never had a serious relationship for very long, she might just now be marrying the man of her dreams. Christopher will also be showing up in the revival, but I’d like to think one failed marriage to him would have been enough.

So, this leaves us with Rory. At the end of the series she famously rejected Logan’s proposal so she could follow Obama’s campaign on the road and report on it for her first official journalism job. Has she gotten back together with Logan somewhere along the way? Or, is she finalizing things with one of her other former boyfriends, Dean and Jess? As much as many of us would want her to end up with one of these three, I like the idea of her finding someone new who combines the positive aspects of all her former loves. Kind like Dean; super smart and with the same taste in the arts like Jess; and, a desire for a little unplanned fun like Logan.

Well, whoever is getting married on Gilmore Girls should be having a hell of a shindig considering the looks of that bit of decoration. Which, I have to say, has Emily Gilmore written all over it. And, if she’s involved in planning the wedding, we know what that means.

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