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First Look At Jack's Big Return On Girl Meets World

While younger, age-appropriate viewers of Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World can appreciate the show for the relationship and exploits of Riley and Maya, older viewers can get down with the many callbacks to the flagship series Boy Meets World. Many lead characters from the latter show have returned, but there’s one person we haven’t seen yet: Jack Hunter. Scratch that, because here he is!


He’s back, everybody! For at least one episode, Matthew Lawrence is reprising his role as Shawn’s half-brother Jack, who was also Eric’s roommate starting in Season 5 of Boy Meets World. He’ll be seen in the upcoming episode “Girl Meets Semi-Formal” alongside Will Friedle’s Eric, who’s making his third appearance this season. To be expected, Jack and Eric show up together in the episode, part of which takes place at a dance at Riley and Maya’s school.

The first clip from the episode shows Eric and Jack arriving at the dance, which Corey appears to be chaperoning. Eric says that he brought Jack there to take him back to a time when life was a little less complicated, which is then interrupted by Riley talking about a seemingly complex situation involving a notebook, a guy and her feelings. To me, seeing two adult men waltzing into a middle school dance without any real reason to be there is a tad more complicated than, say, them hitting a bar or a bowling alley or some other place that they may have frequented in their youth. Even standing outside their old apartment building. But a young adult dance it is. I wonder what Jack from this era would have to say about that.


Those guys aren’t the only guest stars in this weekend’s episode. Girl Meets World viewers will also get to see the Australian pop band Sheppard performing their song “Geronimo” at the dance. I didn’t know who these people were before reading that, so I’m not sure how ecstatic you guys are about it.

Matthew Lawrence hasn’t really been seen too many places over the last few years. His most recent TV roles were on Comedy Central’s Workaholics and on ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey, which stars his older brother Joey Lawrence. It’s entirely possible we’ll see him show up on Girl Meets World in the future.

Jack is the latest in a long line of Boy Meets World characters to appear on this generation-skipping spinoff. We’ve gotten to see the Matthews parents Alan and Amy, Corey’s younger brother Joshua, Corey’s best friend Shawn Hunter, the old teacher/principal Mr. Feeny, the high school bully Harley Keiner, the nerdy Stuart Minkus, Shawn’s old girlfriend Angela, and the English teacher Jonathan Turner. We even got to see Shawn’s dad Chet popping up as a spirit guide.

You can check out the entire first clip over at TVLine, and tune into the episode on Friday night on Disney Channel.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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