Glee's Lea Michele Just Found Her Next TV Show

Glee took the world by storm when it premiered on Fox back in 2009, and Broadway singer Lea Michele became a bona fide star thanks to her impressive set of pipes and wonderful range as an actress as Rachel Berry. She used those pipes of hers to do some serious screaming when she joined the cast of Scream Queens after Glee came to an end. Now, Michele has landed her next project. She’ll appear in an episode of upcoming Hulu anthology series Dimension 404.

Dimension 404 will be a six-episode anthology series that explores the “weird side of the web.” Considering that the web can be very weird indeed, Dimension 404 has plenty of online craziness to mine for story. Lea Michele’s episode will tackle the world of online dating, according to TVLine.

Michele will play a character named Amanda, who is an ambitious and organized woman who turns to an online matchmaking service to get back in the dating game after a very messy breakup. Amanda will be matched with a man named Adam, who gets way too serious about their relationship way too fast. Amanda’s attempt to move on from her past messiness will result in what could be an even messier ordeal.

Lea Michele will be joined in her episode of Dimension 404 by Robert Buckley, who is perhaps best currently known for his role as the hunky Major Lilywhite on iZombie. Adam may freak Amanda out with an early love declaration, but at least he’ll be pretty for her to look at before things get awkward, and he won't have to worry about her revealing an undead existence.

The basic premise for Lea Michele and Robert Buckley’s episode of Dimension 404 sounds a bit too thin to get too excited about at this point, but it should be interesting to see how the actors bounce off one another in these roles. They’re both coming off of shows involving plenty of murder and a fair amount of mayhem, so Dimension 404 could be a fun change for them.

Luckily for fans who fell in love with Lea Michele on Scream Queens and Robert Buckley on iZombie, their new roles in the anthology series won’t stop them from returning to their other jobs. Scream Queens and iZombie has both been renewed for another season, and it would be hard to imagine the shows without these actors.

Not a whole lot of details about the other five episodes of Dimension 404 are available just yet, although Ryan Lee of Trophy Wife fame has signed on to play a video game addict circa 1982 who faces constant bullying for being gay. He discovers a new game that has never before been played when he hides in an arcade for safety. Comparing the description for this episode to the one featuring Lea Michele is enough to guarantee that Dimension 404 will be taking advantage of the anthology structure to visit different times and aspects of the web.

There’s no news at this point of when we can expect to see Lea Michele in her new role on Dimension 404, so check out our summer TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch in the meantime.

Laura Hurley
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