Glee Watch: Season 4, Episode 18 - Shooting Star

In last night's episode, it was all about last chances. In the press, Ryan Murphy called this week's Glee the most powerful, emotional Glee ever, and after viewing it I agree. Glee addressed school gun violence and it was intense. Let's recap, shall we?

End of the World: Part 2

As Mr. Schue announced to New Directions their regionals competition, Brittany interrupted him to make an announcement: a deadly asteroid/comet/meteor named Tubbington Bop is headed their way.

Blaine questioning Brit with "didn't we just go through this at Christmas?" echoed my exact thoughts. Well, it seems Brittany is hell-bent on having an end of the world apocalyptic event. Hmm maybe so she can "marry" Sam twice? Nah, she just plans to spend her final moments making amends with Lord Tubbington, McKinley High's version of Grumpy Cat.

Naturally Sam is the only one concerned about Brittany's asteroid/comet/meteor prediction. And Mr. Schue uses it for a class assignment. So, this week's assignment is "Last Chance." All of the Glee kids are expected to sing their last songs to each other.


In other McKinley High news, Ryder tells Jake that Katie is the girl he has been talking to online. When Katie walks by his classroom Ryder realizes she goes to McKinley High. Ryder decides to approach Katie at her locker and brings her to Glee class and proceeds to sing to her. Oddly she isn't freaked out. Afterwards he is in for a shock when Katie tells him he hasn't been talking to her, and her name is actually Marissa. Yikes! Ryder has been Cat-Fish'ed! I so called it!

An upset Ryder accuses Marley and Jake of Catfishing him, but Marley and Jake deny it. Ryder tells the mysterious texter to either meet him or leave him alone. She agrees to meet him in front of the choir room but never does. In fact, we still don't have resolution to who the texter is. Our only clue is when Ryder called "Katie's" phone it went off in the choir room. So whoever the Catfisher is, it's someone in New Directions or a student connected to the Glee Club.

Serenading Tubbington

Although the group rendition of "More Than Words" was beautiful, I honestly found the scene ridiculous. Serenading Lord Tubbington because the world is ending is just a little too-far left field, even for Glee.

Last Supper

Coach Beiste decorated the locker room and prepared a cute meal inspired by Lady and the Tramp for her and Will. In the event that the world ends, she wanted to do something nice for her most special friend. Aww. When Coach Beiste asks Will to be her boyfriend, Will gently tells her he is back together with Emma. But later Will creates an online dating profile for Beiste, and in a funny twist her first match is Ken Tanaka. Gleeks as you may recall, Ken was McKinley's old football coach who was engaged to Emma!

End of the World Is a Dud

During an astronomy club meeting, Brittany announces that the asteroid/comet/meteor is nothing more than a dead lady bug on the "lens" of her telescope. And her telescope isn't even a telescope: it's a PRINGLES CAN! How in the world did Brittany (with her grades) get permission to create and run an astronomy club? Guess it was her perfect S.A.T. scores?

Anyway, after everyone leaves Becky tells Brittany she has always looked up to her, and thinks the two shouldn't graduate. The world is scary out there, and it's better if they just remain high school students. Uh oh foreshadowing.

Gun Shots!

During a "the world is not ending" Glee practice, which Beiste is invited to, gun shots can be heard coming from the hallways. Will and Beiste lock down the choir room and have the students hide. Will instructs his kids to tweet/text what is going on.

While watching the drama unfold, I tensed up when the door handle rattled and when the camera would cut back to Brittany crying in the bathroom stall trying to hide. I'll admit I teared up when Marley tries to reach her mom, who is also hiding, and can't get a hold of her, and also during Artie's final moments video montage.

Becky Brought the Gun!

At McKinley High, security cameras and metal detectors are installed and it looks like school will never be the same. While Schue and Beiste are discussing the shooting investigation, Sue learns that the police plan to interrogate every student. So, she takes the fall for Becky and tells Will and Beiste it was her gun. Later she repeats the hard-to-believe story it to Principal Figgins, claiming she was testing "Uma" and the gun went off.

I think Sue made the wrong decision in covering for Becky. Becky obviously has mental health issues and needs help. And Sue is sacrificing her career to help a troubled girl that won't get any help because no one will ever know what Becky did.

LOL Moments

Coach Beiste boiling pasta in the training room hot tub to give it the perfect al dente. Also Sam storing Lady Tubbington in his backpack all-day. Only Sam (or Brittany) would do something like that.

Memorable Quotes

Sue: "At the risk of stepping out of character, I brought donuts to calm everyone's frayed nerves."

Coach Beiste: "I have punched a charging hippo square in the face and not been as scared as I am right now."

Brittany: "I'm really surprised that Jesus Christ Superstar has chosen to end the world this way instead of the way he killed off the dinosaurs which was a global yeast infection."

Music featured

“Your Song”

"More Than Words"


Gleeks, that was a pretty intense episode. See you next week!