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Old grudges sometimes die extremely hard. While Netflix has been creating original programming and rebuilding its brand after a disastrous moneymaking decision back in 2011, a recent study says a good chunk of Netflix subscribers are still unhappy with the brand, despite continual use of its services.

Back in October of 2011, Netflix tried to institute a service called Qwikster, which would have effectively split the streaming service from the DVD-to-your-door service. If Qwikster had gone through, it would have cost users of both services more money. The plan was dropped pretty quickly after mounds of negative feedback, but due to that crappy idea combined with the brand's loss of some of its subscriptions (like Starz), the company lost over 800,000 subscribers in one quarter. Now, a new study from the GFK research group is stating those who are still using Netflix’s services are not overly happy with the experience.

According to the study, 37% of all Netflix users have a flat-out negative view of the service and are still grumpy about some of the decisions that were made last year. Here’s the real clincher, though. Over 51% of the group polled said they would take a similar service if it was offered by their pay TV service. That isn’t all bad news. If 37% are grumpy about their service, it means a whopping 63% are either happy or ambivalent about the product. However, what Netflix should really be worried about is brand loyalty. Over half their subscribers would gladly go somewhere different for the content, if it was handier. Overall, people aren’t as loyal to Netflix as they may be to a brand of laundry detergent at the store.

You can check out some more facts from the study over at Business Wire.

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