Will Gotham's Jim Gordon Ever Grow A Mustache? Ben McKenzie Answers

There’s no denying that Gotham is one of the most popular series currently on the air, which technically makes Ben McKenzie’s upper lip one of the more controversial body parts on TV. Everybody wants to know when James Gordon will be getting his iconic mustache, and now we kind of know. And it doesn’t look good for those wanting more facial hair on the comic book series.

Here's how he answered this particular fan question for a tongue-in-cheek video,

Gordon will get a mustache when he has earned a mustache. When he is commissioner, he will have the weight - probably in my case, the physical weight of eating a lot of good New York City food. Sorry, Gotham food. Pardon me. And then he will earn the mustache.

McKenzie acknowledges that it’s probably common knowledge that he would look goofy with one, but coyly offers the slightest bit of hope for anyone already planning on watching this series for another couple of decades.

I will get there, I promise you. If you keep watching 20 years from now, I will have a mustache.

Why you gotta play us like that, McKenzie? If I would be working next to the incomparable Donal Logue and his caterpillar ‘stache every day, the pressure to try and grow a better one would be too strong for me. I agree that McKenzie’s face isn’t quite built for hardcore facial hair, but I still have my hopes up for a weird dream sequence – perhaps while he’s under the influence of one of the Scarecrow’s hallucinogens –where Gordon looks at himself in a mirror and sees that he has a mustache now. Also a pair of glasses.


You can check out the video below.

Granted, it would be pretty interesting if Gotham was still airing 20 years from now, as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle would clearly be Batman-age and Catwoman-age at that point. (And they’d have probably already gotten it on a bunch.) Beyond mustaches, we’d get to see Harven Dent turn into Two-Face, a shitload of Joker-led mayhem, and probably Mr. Freeze’s whole story arc. But then we’d probably also have to deal with a bunch of ill-advised characters as well. Let’s just see how things go in the ratings.

Gotham will be back on Fox on Monday night for the return of Victor Zsasz in the episode “What the Little Bird Told Him.” Do you guys hope that Gordon grows his ‘stache out before Fox throws this series under the bus?

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