If the World Series goes to Game Seven, NBC will be forced to premiere both the new series Grimm and the final season of Chuck against the final game of the series. A weather delay has pushed the sixth game to Thursday night, which means, if needed, the final game will be played Friday. With the network already dealing with some poor ratings this fall, a potential Game Seven on Friday could spell further ratings disaster for the peacock.

Officials for MLB made the call today to cancel tonight’s scheduled Game Six of the Series due to the weather forecasts in St. Louis calling for heavy rain. The Series airs on Fox, which had already cleared its schedule for both today and Thursday in order to air the planned sixth and if needed, the seventh games of the World Series. Now that the sixth game will air on Thursday, Fox will pre-empt its scheduled new episodes of Kitchen Nightmares and Fringe.

But it’s not Fox that will be hurting; the viewership for the World Series will ensure their loss of the two series’ viewers won’t do any damage. Instead it’s NBC, already hurting in the ratings this fall, that will be watching the viewers jump ship, as Deadline points out. The peacock network has scheduled the premieres of its new series Grimm as well as the final season of Chuck for Friday night. Of course, faithful fans of Chuck will likely still show up, but baseball fans choosing between a new series they might have been interested in and the drama of a Game Seven do-or-die World Series is a losing proposition for Grimm.

No doubt NBC execs will be hoping Texas wins Thursday night, putting an end to the World Series without the need for another game. But if the Cards take Game Six, where will you be tuning in? I know the answer in my baseball-loving house.

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